Third IT Park at Koratty in Kerala inaugurated

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In Kerala already there are two IT Parks at:-

  • Trivandrum-Techno-park
  • Cochin- Info-park

The State Government of Kerala has commissioned the first stage of its third IT Park named Info-Park, at Koratty in Trichur District which is at 50 km from Cochin, for improving infrastructure of IT industries.
The infrastructure of IT industries in Kerala has increased by four times in the past three years when the state government of Kerala has made an investment of Rs 300 crores in IT infrastructure and has succeeded to attract a private investment of Rs 1200 crores and create 8000 jobs.
The State Government of Kerala expects an investment of Rs 10 000 crores in IT sector in the next 5 years and creation of 2 lakhs jobs in the next two years.

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