How to check the current PNR Status – Indian Railways – PNR Current Status Enquiry

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Indian railways has a facility to check the status of the train ticket booked.
Step 2 : Type the 10 digit PNR No given in the top left corner of the ticket.

Step 3 : Click Get Status button.The next page would bring the latest pnr status of the ticket.

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54 Responses to "How to check the current PNR Status – Indian Railways – PNR Current Status Enquiry"

  1. Checking PNR status through official site is always advisable and most prominent method. But it never worked out for me. Whenever a situation arises where I have to check PNR status, unfortunately I’m no near my computer and my cell phone internet also not responds well.

    So, checking PNR Status through SMS always worked out for me. It’s good that they are options.

    1. If you Want to know your pnr status check it online that’s the simplest way to understand irctc railway pnr status from a trusted wel known website. Get your pnr status in less than 1 second.

  2. Thanks for sharing information about getting PNR status. You have mentioned Official railways site for getting PNR status. But people can use simple sites like getpnrstatus and onlinePNRstatus to get their real time PNR status along with confirmation.

  3. Hi All,

    This information can solve various difficulties faced by train travellers in India. Travellers can also use various travel apps to get results more quickly regarding PNR status & prediction.


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