Can Jayalalitha Justify Prices Hike of Milk Power and Bus Travel in Tamilnadu?

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In Tamilnadu the price of Milk, EB Tariff and the Bus Fares have been raised as per a sudden decision taken by the Chief Minister Ms.J.Jayalalitha and her Cabinet of Ministers.According to Ms.J.Jayalalalitha, the ‘painful’decision to hike prices has been taken to revive:

  • the milk producers’ co-operative societies,
  • Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) and
  • transport undertakings that were on the verge of going bankrupt.
The total milk production in the State is150 lakh litres and , Aavin has been procuring only 22 lakhs litres and ‘Aavin’ is not able to pay milk producers even 45 days after they had supplied milk.

Due to the increase in the prices of diesel, tyres & tubes and the salary of the employees the Transport Corporations in Tamilnadu are having heavy un bearable burden. And the total loss of the transport undertakings in the last year was Rs. 6,150 Crores and the Government was releasing Rs. 60 Crores a month to sustain the transport corporations. And if the situation is allowed to continue there will be no Transport Corporation in Tamilnadu.

During the earlier DMK rule in Tamilnadu, the Government officials had recommended for prices hike in the Milk, Power and Bus Fares, and however, Mr.M.Karunanidhi turned down the recommendations to protect the poor people of Tamilnadu.

Ms.Jayalalitha has blamed that Mr.Karunanidhi had utilized the borrowings in schemes not benefitting the people but the ruling party and now he is shedding ‘crocodile tears’ over the Unavoidable price-hikes.

Tamilnadu Chief Minister , Ms.J.Jayalalitha has been left with no option but to hike the rates to ensure that these public sector undertakings continued to serve the people of the State, because the Centre had not offered any help to revive them.

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