Indian Railways’ Passengers Can Make “Online” Complaints

The passengers of the Indian Railways have to make their complaints and register their suggestions and grievances manually in the complaint-registers:

  • kept with the Station Masters at the Railway Stations and 
  • with the Travelling Ticket Examiners/TTE’s in the trains.

To make the process of “complaints” easy,  Indian Railways is now developing a software for online/electronic complaints/suggestions/grievances  by e-mail/SMS.

The Passengers can complaint about any of the following issues:

1. Hygiene or Inadequate amenities
2. Corruption
3. Reservation

4. Harassment/Mis-Conduct by Railway Employee/s, fellow passenger/s, vendor/s etc.

5. Any other complaint or suggestion.

The Railways -Authorities would take fast remedial steps by following the online complaints.

As and if any Railways Tickets Agents are found to be at fault their agencies would be cancelled.

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