Biographay of T.M.Soundararajan/TMS-Tamil Cinema Playback Singer

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T. M. Soundararajan / TMS
Thuguluva Meenatchi Iyengar Soundararajan

Popularly Known As: TMS

Date of Birth:24th March 1923

Place of Birth:
Madurai, Tamilnadu

Father: Meenakshi Iyengar

Mother: Venkatamma

Community: Sowrashtra Brahmin(Pattu Noolkarar)

Date of Death: 25th May 2013 (At the age of 90 years)

Occupation: Tamil Cinema Playback Singer, Actor

Singing Career:
TMS started singing in stage concerts in the imitated voice of popular classical cinema singer and actor M.K.Thiagaraja Bhagavathar/MKT

Famous For:

TMS has sung over 10000 film songs in 5000 films  and over 3000 devotional songs from 1946 till 2008 in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and other Indian languages.

TMS had been active in the field of Cinema Music and the Music World from 1948 till 2013/till his last breath.

TMS has sung for the following  popular South Indian Cinema Heros:


Sivaji Ganesan,

M. G. Ramachandran/MGR,

Gemini Ganesan,






Kamal Hassan, S.S.Rajendran, Muthuraman,Sivakumar and AVM. Rajan.


A.Nageshwararao and Kantharao.

TMS=Voice of Sivaji Ganesan/MGR:

Though TMS has sung for many heros and actors in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies, he has been better  known and  identified as the voice of both Sivaji Ganesan and MGR, as TMS used to sing in different modulations of tone and voice for the two super stars of Tamil Cinema.

In Sivaji Ganesan’s first film “Paraasakthi” and only for a couple of films further, C.S.Jayaraman was singing for Sivaji Ganesan.

However, from and after the film “Thookku Thookki’, TMS had become the voice of Sivaji Ganesan and remained as his voice almost till the last film of Sivaji Ganesan.

MGR wanted TMS to sing for him also, after noticing his voice for Sivaji Ganesan, especially in the movie “Koondukkili”, the only film he acted along with Sivaji Ganesan.

TMS started singing for both Sivaji Ganesan and MGR and because of his talented singing with different tones for both of them, TMS had been singing many songs for both of the super stars of Tamil Cinema for many years.

However, MGR introduced SP Balasubramaniam/SPB, a new voice to sing for him and for the Tamil Cinema Playback Singing Filed, by giving a chance to SP Balasubramanian in his film “Adimaipenn’.

As told by TMS himself, in a birthday function of SPB, TMS was present at the time of voice-testing of SPB, by M.S.Viswanathan/MSV.

TMS said that  SPB showed his full ability in singing at the time of voice testing.

TMS said that SPB was talented not only in singing but also in talking to men and handling men and matters and that is why SPB had gone up in the music field and life in a speed of a rocket.

TMS accepted a rival voice for MGR along with him/in his place and  cooperated for the entry of the new singer SPB.

According to TMS, MGR had introduced a talented playback singer to the South Indian Cinema World.

Recently before his demise, TMS took part in a facilitation function for SPB and congratulated SPB on his success in music and wish ed him many more years of success in the music field.

TMS has sung in the music of  many Cinema Music Directors including the following Music Directors:-

S. M. Subbaiah Naidu,

G. Ramanathan,

M.S.Viswanathan andT.K.Ramamoorthy (Duo),



Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan,





Sudharshanam, Gangai Amaran, C. S. Jayaraman, Ghantasala, Sankar Ganesh, S.V.Venkataraman,T. R. Papa,  Vijaya Bhaskar, Sankar -Ganesh, Vedha,

Paravoor Devarajan (Malayalam),  V.DakshinaMoorhti ( Malayalam and Tamil),
O.P.Nayyar(Hindi), Naushad(Hindi), and Manoj Gyan(Hindi).

The following are some of the popular devotional songs on Lord Muruga sung by TMS:

  • Ullam Urugudhaiya Muruga,
  • Mannanalum Thiruchenthooril Mannaven,
  • Tiruchenduril Kadalorathil”- with Sirkazhi Govindarajan.
TMS as an Actor:-
TMS had acted in the following Tamil films:



Kallum Kaniyagum, Kaviraj Kala-Megham, Devaki (Guest Role), Navagraha  Nayagi(Guest Role), Pennarasi(Guest Role) and Deivam(Guest Role).

TMS as a Film Producer:
TMS produced the Tamil movie “Kallum Kaniyagum” along with singer A. L. Ragavan. The hero of the film was A.L.Ragavan.
TMS had appeared in guest roles in the movies such as Devaki, Navagraha Nayaki, Deivam (with Dr.Seerkazhi Govindarajan) and Pennarasi.

The following are some of the notalbe/hit/evergreen songs sung by TMS (It is very difficult to make a complete list of hit-songs of TMS from among his 10000 songs:

TMS’ Songs in the beginning of his career:
  • “Raathey Ennai Vittu Odathedi”-in Krishna Vijayam,
  • “Annamitta Veettiley”-in Mandhiri Kumari,
  • “Theeraatha Thuyaralley”-in Devagi and TMS himself acted in the song,
  • “Kulir Thaamarai Poigaiyai Kanden” – Duet with K.Jamuna Rani in Valyapathi
  •  “Kulungidum Poovilellaam” – Duet with K.Jamuna Rani in Valyapathi
  • “Podanum Kulla Podanum”- in Chella Pillai
  • “Naadu Nadakkira Nadayiley”-Duet with M.S.Rajeswari in Chella Pillai.
TMS’ Songs for Sivaji Ganesan:
  • “Sundari Soundari”-in Thookku Thooki,
  • “Eratha Malaithaniley”-in  Thookku Thooki,
  • “Kanvazhi Pugundhu Karuthinil” Duet with M.S.Rajeswari ,
  • “Silai Seyya Kaigal Undu”in Justice Viswanathan ,
  • “Konjum Kiliyana Pennai”-in Koondukkili for Sivaji Ganesan(the only film acted by both MGR and Sivaji Ganesan),
  • “Mogana Punnagai” Duet with P.Susheela in Vanangamudi,
  • “Yen Piranthai Magane” in Baagapirivinai,    
  • ‘Malargalai Pol Thangai Urangukiral”- in Pasa Malar,        
  • “Enge Nimmathi”- in Pudhiya Paravai,
  • “Mella Nada Mella Nada”– in Pudhiya Paravai,
  • “Neeyum Nanuma”- in Gouravam,
  • “Palooti Valartha Kily”- in Gouravam,
  • “Un Kannil Neer Vizhinthal”- in  Vietnam Veedu,
  • “Antha Naal Nyabagam”- in Uyarntha Manithan for Sivaji Ganesan and Major Sundararajan,
  • “Muthunagaiye Unnai Naan Ariven” in En Thambi,
  • “Deivame Deivame” in Deivamagan,
  • “Sumaithangi Sainthal Sumai Enna Aagum” in Thangapathakkam,
  • “Poomaalaiyil Oru Malligai” –Duet with P.Susheela in  Ootty Varai Uravu,
  • “Paattum Naane”- in Thiruvilayadal,
  • “Evendaa” – Duet with SPB -in Yamanukku Yaman for Sivaji Ganesan in double roles
TMS’ Songs for MGR:
  • “Ethanai Kaalamthaan Ematruvaar Intha Naattil,”-in Malaikkallan,
  • “Achcham Enbadu Madamaiyada”- in Mannadhi Mannan,
  • “Adho Andha Paravai Pola”- in Aayirathil Oruvan,
  • “Naan Aanaiyittaal”-in Enga Veetu Pillai,
  • “Naan Manthoppil Nindrirundhen” -Duet with L.R.Easwari in Enga Veettu Pillai,
  • “Maanallavo Kanngal Thandhadhu”- Duet with P.Susheela in Neethikku Pinn Pasam,
  • “Naan Oru Kuzhandai Nee Oru Kuzhandai”- in Padagotti,
  • “Poomazhai  Thoovi Vasanthangal Vazhtha” in Ninaithathai Mudippavan,
  • “Nee Ennenna Sonnalum Kavidhai”- Duet with P.Susheela in Netru Indru Naalai,
  • “Azhagiya Thamizh Magal Ival”- in  Rickshawkaran,
  • “Nilavu Oru Pennagi”- in Ulagam Suttrum Valiban,
  • “Paal Thamil Paal” Duet with LR.Easwari in Ragasiya Police 115..
TMS’ Songs for Other Heros: 

“Sathiyame Ilatchiyamai Kollada” – in Neelamalai Thirudan for Ranjan,

“Err Munaikku Nerr Inge”- in Pillaikkaniyamudhu for SSRajendran/SS Rajendran / SSR,

“Thanneer Suduvadhenna”Duet with P.Susheela in Cithi for Gemini Ganesan, 

“Melum Melum Idhu Valarattum” -Duet with P.Susheela in Deivacheyal for Muthuraman,
“Manam Oru Kurangu”-in Manam Oru Kurangu for Muthuraman,

“Orayiram Parvalyile”-in Vallavanukku Vallavan for Jaishanker,
“Kuyilaag Naan Irundhenna”- Duet with P.Susheela in Selvamagal for Jaishanker,
“Naan Malarodu Thaniyaga”- Duet with P.Susheela in Iru Vallavargal for Jaishanker,
“Challenge” Song- in Thunive Thunai Duet with SPB for Jaishanker in double roles

“Nandoorudhu Nariyoorudhu”- in Bairavi for Rajnikanth,
“Amma Nee Sumantha Pillai”-in Annai Oru Aalayam for Rajnikanth,

Amaidhikku Perdhan Shanti”- in  T.Rajender’s  film Rail Payanangalil for Srinath,

“Naan Oru Raasi Illa Raja”- in T.Rajender’s Oru Thalai Raagam for Shanker,

“Avalukkenna Azhagiya Mugam”- in Server Sundaram for Nagesh,

“Kalyaanamam Kalyaanam Arubadham Kalyaanam” in Dharisanam for AVM Rajan,

“Manicka Magudam Sootti Kondal”- Duet with P.Susheela for Ravichandran,
“Aadu Paarkkalaam Aadu”- in Moondrezhuthu for Ravichandran.

“Annakili Unnai Thedudhe”- in Annakili for Sivakumar. 

TMS, who had been an “Uncrowned King” of Tamil Cinema Playback Singing for many years and he  has received too many Awards and Honours for his contribution to Cinema Music and the following are only a few of them:   
  • “Padma Shri”-  By Government of India,
  • “Kalaimamani”-  By Government of Tamil Nadu,       
  • “Padakar Thilakam”,   
  • “Singha Kuralon”,
  • “Isai Chakravarthi”,   
  • Honorary Doctorate from Belgium University,   
  • MGR Gold Medal,   
  • “IsaiKadal”-KaviArasar Kannadasan Award, 
  • “EzhilIsai Mannar” -Former Chief Minister K.Karunidhi Award,
  • ‘M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar Lifetime Achievement Award”- Tamil Nadu,   
  • “MGR Memorial-Lifetime Achievement” Award,
  • “Sivaji Memorial- Lifetime achievement” Award.

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