Complete List of “PADMA SRI” Awardees-2016

Complete List of “PADMA SRI” Awardees-2016

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The Union Government of India has announced a list of 83 persons selected for the ‘Padma Sri’ Awards-2016.

The following is the ‘Complete List’ of 83- ‘PADMA SRI’ Awardees -for the year 2016;

1    Mrs.PRATHIBHA PRAHLAD of Delhi under: Art- Classical Dance

Prathibha Prahalad
Prathibha Prahalad

2   Mr.BHIKHUDAN GADHVI  of Gujarat under:Art- Folk Music

bhikhudan gadhvi
Bhikhudan Gadhvi

3    Mr.SRIBHAS CHANDRA SUPAKAR of Uttar Pradesh under: Art- Textile Designing Field
4    Mr.AJAY DEVGAN, Bollywood Actor  of Maharashtra under: Art-Cinema Field

Ajay Devgan
Ajay Devgan

5   Ms. PRIYANKA CHOPRA, the former-  ‘Miss World pageant of the year 2000’– & Bollywood Actress of Maharashtra under:Art-Cinema  Field

priyanka chopra
Priyanka Chopra

6   Pandit  TULSIDAS BORKAR of Goa under: Art-Classical Music Field

pandit Tulsidas
Pandit Tulsidas Borkar

7   Dr. Ms. SOMA GHOSH of Uttar Pradesh under:Art Classical Vocal   Field

8    Mr. NILA MADHAB PANDA of Delhi under: Art-Film Direction and Production Field

NilaMadhab Panda
NilaMadhab Panda

9   Mr. S.S.RAJAMOULI, Popular Telugu Movie Director, Director of the Most Popular &  the  Highest Budget Movie – ‘Bahubali’– of Karnataka under:Art-Film Direction and Production


10 Mr. MADHUR BHANDARKAR of  Maharashtra under: Art-Film Direction and Production

Madhur Bhandarkar
Madhur Bhandarkar

11    Prof. M. VENKATESH KUMAR of Karnataka under: Art-Folk Artist

Prof.Venkatesh Kumar
Prof.Venkatesh Kumar

12   Ms.GULABO SAPERA of Rajasthan under: Art-Folk Dance

Gulabo Sapera
Gulabo Sapera

13   Mrs.  MAMTA CHANDRAKAR of  Chhattisgarh under: Art-Folk Music


14    Ms. MALINI AWASTHI of Uttar Pradesh under:Art-Folk Music

Malini Aswathi
Malini Aswathi

15   Mr. JAI PRAKASH LEKHIWAL of  Delhi under: Art – Miniature Painting

16    Mr.  K.LAXMA GOUD  of Telengana  under: Art-Painting

Laxma Goud
Laxma Goud

17    Mr. BHALCHANDRA DATTATRAY MONDHE  of Madhya Pradesh under: Art-Photography

bd mondhe
Bhalchandra Tattatray Mondhe

18    Mr.  NARESH CHANDER LAL of Andaman & Nicobar under:  Art-Theatre & Cinema

Naresh Chander Lal
Naresh Chander Lal

19   Mr.  DHIRENDRA NATH BEZBARUAH of Assam  under: Literature & Education

Dhirndranath Bezbaruah
Dhirndranath Bezbaruah

20   Mr.  PRAHALAD CHANDRA TASA of Assam under:   Literature & Education

21    Dr.  RAVINDRA NAGAR of Delhi under:  Literature & Education

Ravindra Nagar
Ravindra Nagar

22   Mr.  DAHABHAI SHASTRI  of Gujarat under:Literature & Education

23  Dr. SANTESHIVARA LINGANNAIHA BHYRAPPA  of Karnataka under: Literature & Education

24    Mr. HALDER NAG  of Odisha under: Literature & Education

25    Mr. KAMESHWARAM BRAHMA  of Assam under: Literature & Education -Journalism

26    Prof.PUSHPESH PANTof  Delhi under: Literature & Education-Journalism

27    Mr.  JAWAHARLAL KAUL of  Jammu & Kashmir  under Literature & Education-Journalism

28   Mr. ASHOK MALIK of Delhi  under Literature &Education

29    Dr. MANNAM GOPI CHAND  of Telengana under: Medicine-Cardio Thoracic Surgery

30    Prof. Dr.RAVI KANT of  Uttar Pradesh under: Medicine-Surgery

31    Prof. Dr. RAM HARSH SINGH of  Uttar Pradesh under:Medicine- Ayurveda

32    Prof. Dr. SHIV NARAIN KUREEL of Uttar Pradesh under: Medicine- Paediatric Surgery

33    Dr.SABYA SACHI SARKAR  of Uttar Pradesh under: Medicine –Radiology

34    Dr. ALLA GOPALA GOKHALE of Andhra Pradesh under: Medicine-Cardiac Surgery

35    Prof. Dr.T.K. LAHIRI of Uttar Pradesh under: Medicine-Cardio Thoracic Surgery

36    Dr. PRAVEEN CHANDRA of Delhi under:Medicine-Cardiology

37    Prof. Dr. DALJEET SINGH GAMBHIR of Uttar Pradesh under: Medicine-Cardiology

38    Dr.CHANDRASEKAR SHESADRI THOGULUVA  of Tamil Nadu under: Medicine-Gastroenterology

39    Dr. Mrs.ANIL KUMARI MALHOTRA of Delhi under: Medicine-Homeopathy

40    Prof. Dr. Ms.M.V. PADMA SRIVASTAVA of Delhi under:Medicine-Neurology

41    Dr. SUDHIR V SHAH of Gujarat under:Medicine-Neurology

42    Dr. M. M. JOSHI of  Karnataka under: Medicine -Ophthalmology

43    Prof. Dr.JOHN EBNEZAR of Karnataka under:  Medicine -Orthopaedic Surgery

44    Dr. NAYUDAMMA YARLAGADDA of Andhra Pradesh under:Medicine-Paediatric Surgery

45    Mr. SIMON ORAON of Jharkhand under: Others – Environment Conservation

46    Master Chef. Mr. IMITIAZ QURESHI  of Delhi under: Others-Culinary

47     Mr. PIYUSH PANDEY of Maharashtra under: Others-Advertising & Communication

48   Mr. SUBHASH PALEKAR  of Maharashtra under: / Others-Farming

49    Mr. RAVINDER KUMAR SINHA of Bihar under: Others-Wildlife Conservation

50    Dr. H.R. NAGENDRA of Karnataka under: Others-Yoga

51    Mr. M.C.MEHTA of  Delhi under: Public Affairs

52   Mr. M.N.KRISHNA MANI of Delhi under: Public Affairs

53    Mr. UJJWAL NIKAM  of Maharashtra under: Public Affairs

54    Mr.TOKHEO SEMA of Nagaland under:  Public Affairs

55    Dr. SATHISH KUMAR of Delhi under: Science & Engineering

56    Dr.MAYILSWAMY ANNADURAI of Karnataka under: Science & Engineering

57    Prof. DIPANKAR CHATTERJI of Karnataka under:  Science & Engineering

58    Prof.Dr. GANAPATI DADASAHEB YADAV  of Maharashtra under: Science & Engineering

59    Prof. Mrs. VEENA TANDON of Meghalaya under:Science & Engineering

60   Mr. ONKAR NATH SRIVASTAVA of Uttar Pradesh under: Science and Engineering

61    Ms. SUNITHA KRISHNAN of Andhra Pradesh under: Social Work

62    Mr. AJOY KUMAR DUTTA of Assam under: Social Work

63    Mr. PANDIT DASA of Karnatakaunder: Social Work

64    Mr. P. P. GOPINATHAN NAIR of Kerala under:  Social Work

65   Mrs. MADELEINE HERMAN DE BLIC of Puducherry under:  Social Work

66   Mr. SRINIVASAN DAMAL KANDALAI of Tamil Nadu under: Social work

67   Mr. SUDHAKAR OLWE of Maharashtra under: Social Work

68    Dr. T.V. NARAYANA of Telengana under: Social Work

69   Mr. ARUNACHALAM MURUGANANDHAM of Tamil Nadu under:Social Workarunachalam murugappan70    Ms. DEEPIKA KUMARI of Jharkhand under:Sports -Archery

71    Mr. SUSHIL DOSHI of Madhya Pradesh under: Sports -commentary

72   Mr. MAHESH SHARMA of Delhi under:  Trade & Industry

73    Mr. SAURABH SRIVASTAVA of Delhi under: Trade & Industry

74    Mr. DILIP SANGHVI  of Maharashtra under: Trade & Industry

75    Dr. KEKI HORMUSJI GHARDA of Maharashtra under:  Trade & Industry

76   ( Late) Mr. PRAKASH CHAND SURANA /of Rajasthan under: Art -Classical Music (Awarded Posthumously)

77 .   (Late) Mr. SAEED JAFFREY, an  NRI/PIO / Foreigner of  UK under: Art-Cinema Field- (Awarded Posthumously)

78   Mr. MICHAEL POSTEL, a Foreigner of France under:/Art-Archaeology

79    Mr. SALMAN AMIN SAL KHAN, an  NRI/PIO/ Foreigner of  USA under: Literature & Education

80    Mrs. HUI LAN ZHANG, a  Foreigner of  China under: Others-Yoga

81    Mr. PREDRAG K NIKIC, a Foreigner of Serbia under: Others-Yoga

82    Dr.SUNDAR ADITYA MENON, an  NRI/PIO / Foreigner of UAE under: Social Worksundar a menon

83    Mr. AJAYPAL SINGH BANGA, an  NRI/PIO / Foreigner of  USA under: Trade & Industry

ajaypal singh banga


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