India walked out from Copenhagen “Climate Summit”

Climate Summit Meet is being held at Copenhagen since two weeks. The negotiations between the delegates of the developed countries and the developing countries on the issue of global warming. The Indian Union Environment Minister Mr.Jayram Ramesh is participating on behalf of India.The delegates of three countries:-

  • India,
  • Brazil,
  • China and
  • South Africa

staged a walk-out in protest of the unsatisfactory proceedings of the “Anti-Pollutions” Summit, amid African concerns that the chair was not pushing for a legally binding agreement. According to the delegates who walked out, the poor/developing countries wanted to see an outcome which guarantees sharp emissions reductions whereas, the rich/developed countries were trying to delay discussions on the solutions to the issues.

Negotiations in the Danish city- Copenhagen are proceeding on a two-track approach:-

  • one aimed at revising and updating the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on legally binding greenhouse gas emission cuts and
  • a second track extended to all countries, including those which did not ratify Kyoto, such as the US.

The world’s biggest polluters, China and the US, have both expressed reservations about adopting a legally binding text in Copenhagen.

The Summit on “Climate Talks” resumed after a brief suspension.

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