About Us

Hello Reader,

I am  Aro (Arokiaraj) the Editor of this Blog and I am  glad to share with you,  the following few ‘Info’ about me and my blog: ‘InfoQueenBee’.

After my graduation in Physics in ‘First Class’,  I had worked as a ‘Demonstrator in Physics’ in my  ‘Alma Mater’ –St.Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli, in Tamil Nadu. After serving for 2 years in the field of  ‘Teaching’,  I joined one of India’s ‘Top 5 ‘Nationalized Commercial Banks’,  and was in ‘Banking Customer Service’ in ‘Clerical’ & ‘Officer’ Cadres for 23 years.

In the year 2006, I joined a ‘Short Term Training’ in a ‘Blogging Training Centre’, which invited students, housewives and retired persons to learn to work from home with ‘Computer & Internet’ as a full time or part time job. Not convinced of the ways advocated by them,  to  blindly work with a ‘static blog’ linked to ‘Google Adsense Account’, etc. I wished to start a ‘Dynamic Blog’ and publish useful articles as in a ‘Journal’.

In the meantime, I shared my experiences and impact of the blogging training and discussed with Joy (my son) on blogging with a dynamic blog. We started a blog – ‘Informatics World’ / Enjoy InfoPedia’  with joint efforts of our  ‘dad-son’ duo (AroJoy), with ‘Aro’ as the Editor and ‘Joy’ as the ‘Technical Admin.’. However, after publishing many articles on various subjects, the ‘Google Adsense’ account related to the blog was blocked. .

On 30th November 2007, we started a new blog named- ‘InfoQueenBee’, meaning as  follows. As the ‘Honey Bees’ gather ‘nectar’ from various flowers at various places and   the ‘QueenBee’ converts the nectar into honey, in the Beehive,  we (Aro & Joy) select and gather information (Info) on various topics from a number of ‘sources / net world’ and I consolidate the information into articles on ‘Computer’ and we present them   in a  simple and unique format, for our readers, in our Blog. Hence I am the ‘InfoQueenBee’.

I slowly concentrated on topics on “Everything About India’ in my blog. Having completed 10 years of blogging, I have  published nearly 1000 posts.

‘Comments and Suggestions’ from our readers are always welcome, which will enable us  to improve on contents and quality.


Editor – InfoQueenBee