Satyam Computers taken over by Tech Mahindra will be known as Mahindra Satyam

“Satyam Computers Limited” was purchased by “Tech Mahindra” and now Satyam Computers taken over by Mahindra will be known as “Mahindra Satyam”, a new brand identity.

This will be a significant milestone in the process of recovery of Satyam Computers. Mahindra Satyam will learn from the best management practices of the Mahindra Group while focusing on nurturing Satyam’s innate skills and capabilities.

This rebranding exercise symbolises an amalgamation of the Mahindra Group’s values with Satyams fabled expertise, even as it retains that part of Satyam’s identity which signifies commitment, purpose and proficiency of the organisation and its people.

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