True Story of Rise and Growth of Business Legend “VGP”

True Story of Rise and Growth of  Business Legend “VGP”
VGP Group is one of the largest groups of companies in India.
vgp-retailingThe Rise of VGP on the Business Horizon is a true story. 

It is the story of simplicity, but encased with a Great Vision of Daring Dreams and of Indomitable will to succeed and walking the New Path; of dynamism, growth & pinnacle of achievements. 

The Name VGP is Acronym for its remarkable founder, Mr. V.G. Panneerdas.

VG Panneerdas, was born to poor parents, in a village called Azhagappapuram in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India. 

Panneerdas, even while going to primary school, did odd jobs during spare hours, like errand boy in a provision store, carrying load on his head, etc.

VG Panneerdas, at the age of 12, quickly gathered his wits and with dreams in his heart and just Rs. 25 in pocket, set out for Chennai, to bail out his family from poverty. 

V.G. Panneerdas’s rags to riches story is a Profile in Courage, of indomitable Will of dedication, of hard work and of smart thinking and of high ideals and goals he set for himself. 

Each step he took in his life was a masterstroke on the path of Progress. 

After reaching Chennai, some of the odd jobs Mr. Panneerdas did was to work in a provision shop, sleeping on gunny bags spread out in the night. 

Eating and living by frugal means, he saved money to set up a Tea shop with an adjunct Betel nut shop and then took to Newspaper vending, door to door alongwith his younger brother, VG Santhosam.

After doing some odd, difficult jobs in the beginning, in the year 1955 Mr.V.G. Panneerdas, opened his first own shop to sell alarm clocks, watches, wall clocks, etc. 

He built his enterprise with poise and confidence, with belief and faith in People. 

He pioneered the idea of “Buy Now, Pay Later” concept.A little later, he added bicycles to his range. 

He targeted small people like, way side traders, shopkeepers, salaried people, rickshaw pullers, all of whom had a need to own things but could not shell out the cost across the counter. 

He thought he could give these people products by easy monthly installments. 

1964, VGP was well established in business. 

Now, the thought was to do something different. 

From being one of the first organized Retailer, VGP opened the first, full fledged three storied VG Panneerdas & Co Consumer Durables, Showroom with all leading products and brands under one roof, at Saidapet. VGP became National bestsellers for Murphy brand radios. 

They won in  an all India Campaign Competition by portraying a gypsy couple boarding a flight with Murphy radio in hand. 

VGP also thought of novel ideas of publicity and promotion by wall paintings on railway walls and other places, painting on overhead tanks and the like. 

Even today some of these old paintings could be seen.

VGP is now getting in to large mall concept and the work has already been started. 

VGP victory house the largest of all VGP showrooms is been transformed into a huge shopping spree one stop shop.

In Bangalore there are already six chain of retailing shops established and the seventh one is underway.

VGP also specialized in Township evelopment with Modern Layouts. 

More than conforming to statutory stipulations, they also employed the “Buy Now, Pay Later”- concept in real estate. 

Till date, more than 200 Townships have been developed, a record by itself.

Not only in Tamil Nadu, VGP pioneered marketing of real estate through conduct of Exhibitions in large halls and major Hotels in all major cities of India and abroad, like USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Middle East, Hong Kong, Mauritius and so on. 

The Flavour of Home Soil concept caught on famously with people of Indian origin everywhere.

During one of his trips abroad, VG Panneerdas was fascinated by Disneyland and he wanted to replicate such a tourist marvel with authentic Indian theme.
In the year 1975 the “VGP GOLDEN BEACH” was started. 

The place became an instant hit with visitors. VGP Golden Beach remains a much sought after tourist haunt till today. 

VGP Golden Beach has been a first of its kind facility, much replicated today, but having a charm, all its own.

The saga of success of VGP continued with the start of Video Vision of India in Bombay, with state of the art equipments, VGP Video Vision, has once again, been a pioneer in duplicating, converting into video format and language dubbing of various Indian films and serials for a grateful Indian market abroad. 

Transporting Indian Culture was thus achieved with the warmth of emotions and has met with remarkable success.

Doing things differently, doing things for a cause and having a multifaceted approachl keep VGP on the move, always. 

The Group has a load of fresh ideas and plans for the next coming years.

The distinctive Amusement Park wing of the VGP Golden Beach with separate entry, lovely layouts, more exciting rides, food courts, etc. 

Yet another significant step taken in 2002 was the beginning of conducting international thrill events, for the first time in India, at the VGP Universal Kingdom.

VGP Hollywood Wild West Stunt Show with performers from USA, was launched offering exhilarating entertainment as never before. 

The show was a sell out success paving the way for more and more of such event shows like Pirates of the Caribbean American Stunt Show in 2003.

Today the legend”VGP” has left a rich legacy, being followed with drive and dynamism by his brothers and sons.

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Mariappan Baskaran
Mariappan Baskaran
9 years ago

Great Sir!!!!

10 years ago

Really an inspiring one. Hats off to him , From rags to riches.

5 years ago

What is the full form of V.G. in V.G.Panneerdas