How to Apply for a Passport in India

How to Apply for a Passport in India

A Passport is necessary for Indians to travel abroad. How to Apply for a Passport in India.passportTo apply for a fresh Passport, you have to obtain the Passport Application Form from:-

  • any of the Passport Offices or
  • the designated Speed Post centers or
  • any of the designated outlets in your city.

Fill up the Passport Application Form and submit along with:-

  • proof of residence,
  • proof of date of birth,
  • personal particulars form (if applicable),
  • ‘No Objection Certificate’ (in case of Government of Public Sector Employees),
  • necessary affidavits and other supporting documents at any of following locations, under the jurisdiction of which the applicant is presently residing:-
  • Across the counter of the Passport office,
  • At the Speed Post centers,
  • District Passport Cells and
  • Passport Collection Centers.

You can apply for a Passport through:-

  • Directly in the respective Passport office/ DPCs/Speed post centers as explained above or
  • By “Online registration”online-passport-application

For online registration for applying for a Passport, you have to login to the official website of Indian Passport Office at:
You will get the list of various passport offices in the first page.
Then, Click “continue”;
You will get the “Online Passport Application for Passport office”

In the form, the columns marked with a * are compulsory and must be filled up.
Other columns not marked with a * are optional; if you want to provide the information against these you may type the relevant particulars; otherwise you can leave them blank/unfilled.
In the first line

  • “Select Office” you have to select the passport office of your city and
  • “Select District” you have to select your district
  • In the second line in “Service Desired” you have to select “fresh passport”
  • In the third line “Surname” type your surname, which is the name of your father or your family, or native place. Which is the expansion of your initials.
  • In the fourth line you type your name; Do not add Mr / Mrs /Ms /Dr etc before or after your surname or name.
  • In the column for Sex select your sex
  • In the date of birth column type the date of birth as dd/mm/yyyy For example if your date of birth is 05th June 1985 type as 05/06/1985
  • In the next line type your place of birth and district and if your were born in a foreign country type the name of the country
  • In the next line type your visible body mark such as scar or mole preferable the same mentioned in your certificate/s such as SSLC certificate or Transfer Certificate. Type your height in cm/centimeters
  • In the Present Address column and Permanent Address columns type your present address/ address for communication
  • In the Permanent Address column type the permanent address/ address of your native place
  • If both the present address and the permanent address are the same, type the same addresses in both the places.
  • In the column Date since residing at the present address give the date from which you are staying at that address in the format dd/mm/yyyy for example if you are residing in your present address since 18th April 2005 type 18/04/2005
  • In the marital Status column select your marital status Married/ Single/Widow/Widower/ Divorcee
  • In the next columns type your father’s name and your mother’s name
  • The fee payable for obtaining a fresh passport is Rs 1000/- For various fees structure of different kinds of passports, including under Tatkal scheme, for obtaining passport quickly, you can refer to the website.
  • If you are going to pay the fees for applying for your passport by means of a bank draft/DD type the particulars of the DD such as DD number and the date of the DD and the name of the bank
  • If you are going to pay the fees for applying for your passport in cash leave the columns for the details of bank draft blank
  • After typing the particulars check up again whether you have typed the particulars correctly
  • After confirming the correctness of your details- Click “Save” You will get the date and time of appointment for submitting your print out of the registered application for passport along with the required photocopies in duplicate of the documents for Address Proof, Age Proof and other necessary documents.
  • After registering online for applying for a passport take the printouts of the filled in application form.

In typing the particulars in the online registration or filling up the passport application manually, the following points are to be noted:-

  • Use capital letters only.
  • Particulars given in the form will be printed in the passport. Therefore, please be careful in filling up the form and avoid any mistakes.
  • Use black/blue ball pen only
  • Do not fill the form with pencils or ink-pen.
  • While filling up the boxes, kindly leave one box blank after each completed word.
  • Write clearly within the box without touching the boundaries.
  • Adjust the information to fit within the number of given boxes.
  • Do not write anything outside the box. Avoid over-writing
  • Incomplete application will not be accepted
  • All original documents are to be shown at the time of submission of the passport application form.
  • With the Original Passport Application Form, self-attested copies of all required documents need to be attached.
  • Take four copies of your recent Passport size photos; two copies for pasting in the Personal Particulars Form in duplicate, which will be used for Police Verification; one copy for embossing on your passport; one more copy for pasting in the Register of the Police station.
  • Illiterate applicants should put only thumb impression in the box meant for thumb impression/signature.
  • In case an applicant has stayed at more than one address during the last one year, he/she should furnish two additional photocopies of the PP form for each additional place of stay.
  • For Online Registration, the applicant has to submit the print outs of the application form along with required documents to the respective passport office in the appointment date and time printed.
  • Apart from this Passport Applications can be submitted at:-

1. The counter of the Passport office,
2. The Speed Post centers,
3. District Passport Cells and
4. Passport Collection Centers

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