How To Use ‘Aadhar Number’- Linked “DIGI Locker” To Store and Share Your Documents Online ?

How To Use ‘Aadhar Number’- Linked “DIGI Locker” To Store and Share Your Documents Online ?
To use the Union Government of India’s ‘Digital Locker’ / ‘DIGI Locker’ Faciliy, Launched in July 2015, under the ‘Digital India Programme of PM Narendra Modi,  you will have to Register online/ Sign On in the ‘Portal’ of the ‘Digital Locker’,The Portal / Web-site of the ‘Digital Locker’ is ‘User-Friendly’ and you will find it easy to register, upload your e-documents and make use of the various facilities offered by it.

You can register in the ‘Digital Locker’, using your ‘Aadhar Number’ and your ‘Mobile Phone with the same Number’- Registered with ‘UIDAI’, at the time of obtaining your ‘Aadhar Number’/Card.

How To Register /Sign On for ‘Digital Locker Facility?:

Step 1:

Visit the ‘Portal’ /Web-site of the ‘Digital Locker’ using the following Link: -An External website / portal will open in a new window
Step 2:

‘Sign On’, using your  ‘Aadhar Number’Enter your ‘Aadhar Number’ in the  box provided for the purpose in the ‘Sign On’ Block and –  Fill in the Characters Shown in the Second Block-

Step 3 :

After clicking the  ‘Submbit’ Button  you will receive a notification in the block saying that a 6 Digits- ‘One Time Password’ /OTP  has been sent to your Registered Mobile Number and /or to your Registered ‘E-Mail’ Address
 Step 4:
Enter the ‘One Time Password’/OTP received in your Registered Mobile or E Mail  in the space provided for entering the OTP
Step 5 :

Click the ‘Validate’ Button which will appear in the Box-

After completing all the above Steps, you will redirected to the “My certificate”- section where you can upload your e-documents for storing and sharing.

Structure of the Digital Locker :-

 Each user’s ‘Digital Locker’ has the following sections, namely, (A) My Certificates, (B) My Issuer, (C) My Requester, (D) Directories and (E) My Profile:

(A) My Certificates
 This section has two sub sections:
 i) Digital Documents:
This contains the URI’s of the documents issued to the user by Govt. departments or other agencies  and
 ii) Uploaded Documents:-

How to ‘Upload’ your Document in ‘Digital Locker’?:

You will see the page with 3 Boxes: 1.Select Document, 2. Upload Document and 3. Description

1.Select Document:

In this section you will find the names of more than 17 documents for uploading; you may choose your document to be stored in the Digital Locker

2. Upload Document:

You may upload your document for storing in any one of the following  file formats: 
pdf/jpg/jpeg/png/bmp/gif, of size not exceeding 1 MB each
3.Description of the Document Uploaded :
You can describe or label the document in not more than 50 characters.

After completion of the above 3 steps, you may click the ‘Upload’ button.

After successful uploading of the document you will get a ‘Success’ Notification.

You can download your document uploaded in the ‘Digital Locker’ using the downloading-‘link’ of the document and store it in the computer and / or send to any other person / as per your requirement/s.

(B) My Issuer :

This section will display the issuers’ names and the number of documents issued to the user by the issuer.
 (C) My Requester :
This section will display the requesters’ names and the number of documents requested from the user by the requesters.
(D)  Directories :
This section displays the complete list of registered issuers and requesters along with their URLs.
(E) My Profile:
This section will  display the complete profile of the user as available in the UIDAI database.
omplete list of registered issuers and requesters along with their URLs.

Steps to Register for ‘Digital Locker’:-Steps  For ‘Residents‘: 

Keep Ready on Hand the Aadhaar number and Mobile Number Registered with UIDAI  at the time of obtaining ‘Aadhar Card’-
Enter your ‘Aadhaar Number’ on the ‘Login Field
A One Time Password /OTP will be sent on  Registered Mobile Number
Enter the OTP in the field -An ‘e-Know Your Customer’ /e-KYC will be done with UIDAI
Once your  e-KYC is successful,  you can view the ‘URI’s of e-Documents which have been uploaded into the ‘Digital Lockers’ by various issuers.-
Residents can also upload e-documents in their Digital Locker and e-Sign them. –
Residents can share private documents with ‘Requesters’ by sharing a link to the e-Document to the email address of the requester.
Steps For ‘Issuers‘:
An Issuer needs to register on Digital Locker System to get a Unique Issuer ID. – 
Once an ID is assigned, Issuer can upload the documents in a standard XML format in the ‘designated repository’ using repository service provider API. –
Each document uploaded in the repository will have unique URI comprising of Issuer ID, Document Type and Document ID.-
The document URI will be pushed to the concerned resident’s Digital Locker based on his / her Aadhaar number.
Steps For ‘Requesters‘: 
A ‘Requester’ needs to first register with an ‘Access Gateway’ to on board Digital Locker system. –

A Requester can use document URI’s to securely retrieve the documents from the repository through an ‘Access Gateway’.


‘E-Sign’- Service in Digital Locker Facility :
The ‘e-sign service’ of the ‘Digital Locker System’ is in the ‘pre-production phase’ and hence can be used for testing purpose only.
The legal validity of e-Sign is not assured during the testing phase.
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