A List of Controversies of “Ulaga Naayagan – Kamal Hassan”-‘s Movies

The following is a list of some of the controversies of “Ulaga Naayagan”-  Kamal Hassan’s Movies:

“Thevar Magan”- Released in the year 1992:

The movie was objected by the Thevar community which alleged that violence in their community  is shown in an exaggerated manner.

 “Hey Ram”-Released in the year 2000: 

Some Congressmen  complained  that Mahatma Gandhiji had been shown in poor light.  People of parties of the Right Wings”complained  that their  part in the Indian Freedom -Struggle had not been shown in the movie. And the original music director of the movie L.Subramanian was replaced  by Ilayaraja.

“Panchatanthiram”-Released in the year 2002:

The “Indian Films Censor Board” objected to a “raunchy song” in the movie and the song was to be deleted.

“Vasool Raja MBBS” –Released in the year 2004:

Doctors of the Indian Medical Association in Erode, Tamil Nadu, objected  that the title Vasool Raja- MBBS” demeaned the medical profession and the contents of the movie are mocking at their profession.

“Virumaaandi”-Released in the year 2004:

The movie was originally named- Sandiyar”. Dr. K. Krishnaswamy, “Puthiya Thamizhagam Party”- leader and some of the  “Dalit Organisations” in Tamilnadu objected the title of the movie  for showcasing the heroism of the Thevar community the title of the movie was changed to “Virumaandi”.

“Mumbai Xpress”-Released in the year 2005:

The title of the (Tamil) movie in English  was  protested  by Dr.S.Ramadoss,  the Founder/Leader  of  “Tamil Protection Movement” and the party Pattali  Makkal Katchi”/PMK.

“Manmadhan Ambu”-Released in the year 2010:

The lyrics of a song featuring Kamal Hassan and Trisha was objected by the Hindu Makkal Katchi” and the song was to be deleted.

“Vishwaroopam”-To be Released in the year 2013 (The Latest and the most popular of Kamal Hassan’s controversies):

Kamal Hassan wanted to release his multi-crore/multi-lingual mega movie – Vishwaroopam the movie in “Direct To Home”/DTH along  with/prior to the release in theatres.

The Tamilnadu Cinema Theatres-owners objected to DTH release and the original date of release was to be deferred.  After talks and settlement with the Theatres Owners’ Associations another  dates for release of the movie in the Theatres and DTH were settled.

However, as the movie was objected by the Muslim communities all over the  world, especially by the muslim organizations in Tamilnadu and the  Government of Tamilnadu banned the release of the movie in the theatres of  Tamilnadu.

Despite approaching the Madras High Court, Kamal Hassan could  not release his movie.

At last, as advised by the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Dr.J.Jayalalitha Kamal Hassan had tripartite talks with Muslim Organizations  and the Government of Tamilnadu, a final settlement was reached and the  movie- Vishwaroopam was cleared for release in theatres after cuts of seven  Muslims-objected scenes in the movie.

According to Kamal Hassan’s dedicated fans and supporters  and critics:

Kamal Hassan, as an actor/producer wishes to produce  unique and different type of movies.

So he boldly selects  subjects for his movies which are different from the usual subjects preferred by others in the film-industry.

And because of his selection of risky and delicate subjects ,his movies often  get into controversies.

By getting into controversies of his movies:

  • Kamal Hassan  has to suffer financial crisis and even loss and mental agony and he has to spend his valuable time in solving the controversies.
  • Knowingly or unknowingly, by getting into controversies  his movies gain vast publicity and  an anxiety is created in the minds of the public/audience and his movies become super-hits.

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