Air India Executive Pilots’ Agitations called off

The Executive Pilots of Air India have called off their agitations, further to the Government’s assurance that there will not be cut in their incentives as announced earlier.

The Air India flights will be operated normally from 01st October 2009, after five days of agitation by the Executive Pilots. Even though the agitation of AI Pilots have been called off it will take some more days for normalcy in the flights.

It has taken five days for such assurance to come from the authorites leading to the calling off the agitation. Had this assurance been given earlier,all the inconvenience caused to the air-passengers and the public would have been avoided.

Many of such agitations by Public Services are triggered by, some announcement or statement of some official to media or press. Only after some days of agitation the concerned higher authorities give such assurances and solve the problem atleast temporarily.

Also the public servants of essential services may think of talking to their concerned higher authorities before going on agitation causing untold inconvenience to the public.
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