How To Get A New Family Ration Card in India?


To get a new Family Ration Card in India the Applicant and the Family Members must:

  • Be an Indian Citizen/s and Ordinary resident/s of India
  • Be Living and cooking separately
  • Not possess any Family Card anywhere in India
  • Not be a member in any other Family Card in India
  • Be close relatives.

There are separate Application Forms/Formats for applying for a new Family Card in the various States of India.

For more Details Visit the related website of the Government of India.


The duly filled in Application form/s must be submitted to:

  • The Assistant Commissioner/s (AC) of Civil Supplies of the related zone/s and
  • The Taluk Supply Officer/s (TSO) of the Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department or the Assistant Rationing Officers of the concerned area/s

As and when submitting the application/s for the new Family Card, an acknowledgement slip with the office seal, date of application received, serial number and the probable date of disposal of the application will be issued by the concerned authority.

The application for the new Family card may be sent by Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due to the correct postal address of the concerned office.

The following documents for the Proof Of Address/POA, must be attached to the application form/s for the new Family Card:

  • ‘No card certificate’ issued by the card issuing authority, if there is no family card in the previous address-Original
  • Name Deletion Certificate from the parent or guardian family card or Non-inclusion of name Certificate issued by the card issuing authority in the previous address-Original
  • Surrender Certificate along with relevant family card issued by the card issuing authority if any card is issued in the previous address-Original
  • The current Rental Agreement-in case of rented house/s-Photocopy
  • Receipt of Property Tax Payment(House Tax) of the current year/half year-in case of own house/s-Photocopy
  • The Last Paid/Due Electricity Bill-Photocopy
  • The Last Paid/Due Telephone Bill-Photcopy
  • Election Photo Identity Card(EPIC)/Voter Id-Photocopy
  • The First Page of the Bank Pass Book with Photo-Photocopy
  • Allotment orders in respect of persons residing at houses allotted by Slum Clearance Board-Photocopy
  • Valid Passport-Photocopy
  • 3 copies of the Passport Size photo of the  Applicant/‘Head of the Family

The application for the new Family Card must provide the following:

  • Particulars regarding earlier application for family card, including registration number and details of rejection, if any
  • Details of LPG connection, if any, with details of name of consumer in whose name it is registered, consumer number, LPG agency and Oil Company name
  • Mobile Number or Email addresses may be filled up in the format to enable this department to send an automated message (to be activated by end 2008) to the applicant on the status of the application
  • A self addressed and stamped postal cover or postcard to enable the office to communicate the results to the applicant


  • The applicants must provide the correct information about the applicant and all the members of family living with them, such as-

-Applicant’s Name,
-Father’s / Husband’s Name,
-Full Address
-Telephone / mobile / email,

-Complete details of family members-
– Date of birth
– Profession
– Monthly Income
-Election Card Photo identity number  and

-Details of gas connection/s.

  • The applicant should not include the names of the family member/s whose name/s is/are included in any other Family card anywhere in India
  • The applicant must provide the correct address and the correct information on LPG gas connection/s
  • The applicant must not  apply for a new Family card when the family is already having a Family card in the same address or anywhere in India.

Providing false information about the members of family or giving fictitious addresses is a crime under section 7 of the ‘Essential Commodities Act’.

Such applicants would be liable for criminal prosecution and consequent punishment under the law.


The application submitted for the new Family card will be sent for Field Verification.

The Field Verification official will inspect the applicant’s house and the kitchen to ensure that the applicant is living at the address and cooking separately and verify the LPG gas connection/s used by the applicant/family.

The Field Verification must be done within 30 days of submission of the application for the new Family Card.
The Filed Verification official will show his/her official proof of identity when conducting the verification.

After completion of the Field verification, as and if the application is found to be eligible for issue of a new Family card by the concerned authority (AC or TSO), will be sent for printing of the new Family card with the approval of the concerned authority.

As and when the new Family card is printed and is ready for issue, the applicant will be intimated by post/SMS to the registered mobile number/email to the mail id provided by the applicant, and the applicant must collect the new Family card in person submitting the acknowledgement slip and paying the prescribed fees for the issue of the new Family card.

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