How to Manage Anger

Anger is one of the qualities of mankind and it is not always bad; it is practically impossible for us to remain without getting angry at sometime or other. However, anger in excess is bad for our health and our inter personal relations with others, such as our relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and even unknown persons, like co-passengers during our travel by public transports, and even unknown people on the roads and public places.


The Causes of our getting angry are:-

  • physical conflict,
  • facing injustice,
  • neglected by others, especially relatives and friends,
  • facing humiliation or
  • getting betrayed

The symptoms and consequences of anger are:-

  • increase in Blood Pressure,
  • undue stress,
  • enormous physical strength,
  • fear,
  • shortness of breath,
  • heart palpitations,
  • trembling,
  • exaggerated body movements,
  • stiffness of posture.

When we become angry, we will:-

  • shout and speak without respect/manners,
  • hurting the feelings/ego of others.
  • will throw things on the floor,
  • will throw things at others,
  • kick or punch walls
  • damage and break valuable things,
  • hit or push down others.

Normally, we will feel ashamed our own behavior and feel sorry for our rash behavior; sometimes we will not show that we are feeling sorry for our activities when we were angry, because of false ego, or in a fear that the other persons will take our anger casually.

The rash effects of our anger will last only for a few minutes, but the subtle forms of anger, such as:-

  • resentment,
  • impatience,
  • irritability,
  • grouchiness

will continue for some hours or even days depending upon the cause triggered our anger. Excessive Anger will increase the possibility of our getting :-

  • High Blood Pressure,
  • Brain Stroke,
  • Heart Diseases,
  • Cancers,
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety disorders.
  • Aches and Pains, especially Head ache and chest pain
  • Cold, Bout of flu
  • Stomach upsets

When we get angry and react badly in the angry mood, we will prefer to get relief through other health-endangering habits, such as smoking and drinking.

Anger is one of our strong feelings and we must learn how to deal with our anger. We must change from this habit of anger to get rid of the consequences and get the benefits of changing the habit. Managing anger is like developing new skills and new responses which is to be practised. We must understand that, we become angry not by what others do to us, but by our pride, ego and selfishness, which make us think that we are better than others and we are always right.

We can ask ourselves and try to find out what caused us to feel extremely angry. We can go for a walk or jogging or some games to improve our mood and decrease negative feelings.

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15 years ago

Good summary! I have discussed a few anger management ideas on my website as well:

Thanks for the article