Do you know the Real Story behind the successful Screen Play of Vidya Balan’s “Dirty Picture” ?

The popular South Indian Glamour Queen- “Silk Smitha” was shockingly found dead in her apartment at Chennai on 23rd September 1996.Mr. Vadippatti Nagavara Prasad, the brother of Silk Smitha alleged that the death of his sister could not be suicide.

He had doubts that his sister had been murdered and sought police investigations into his sister’s death.

However, the files related to the death of Silk Smitha were closed and her death was treated as suicide.

Silk Smitha was born on 2nd December 1960, at a very small village near Eluru, a town in Andhra Pradesh in a poor family. Her original name was Vijayalakshmi.

Due to poverty, she had to drop her school studies after 4th Standard. The girl Vijayalakshmi dreamed to become a cinema actress. And she came down to Chennai and stayed with her aunt.

Mr. Vinu Charkravarthi, a famous Tamil Film Actor/Producer and Director identified the potential in Vijayalakshmi as a glamorous actress.

He changed her name as “Smitha” and introduced her in the Tamil film, “Vandi Chakkaram”.

Smitha played a glamour role in Vandi Chakkaram, with Actor Sivakumar as the hero and Ms.Saritha as the heroine and directed by Director Vijayan.

The name of the character “Silk” became a part of her name. And Smitha became “Silk Smitha”.

Then Silk Smitha started to act in glamour roles and in dances in movies of:

  • Malayalam,
  • Telugu
  • Kannada and
  • Tamil.

After 15 years, the popular and successful Hindi Films/Hindi and Tamil Television Serials – Producer Ms.Ekta Kapoor found the life and death of Silk Smitha to be suitable for a successful Screen Play for a Hit Film. “Dirty Picture”, a film in Hindi and Telugu was produced with this screenplay. Ms. Vidya Balan has played a role named “Silk” in ‘Dirty Picture’. Hindi Actor Mr.Naseerudeen Shah has co-starred in this film as a Cinema Director.

Mr. Nagavara Prasad, the brother of Silk Smitha filed a Writ Petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court, seeking a stay on the release of the film “Dirty Picture” based on the life and death of his sister.

According to Mr. Prasad, the screenplay is depicting his sister as a dirty character and the death of Silk Smitha had been wrongly shown as ‘suicide’.

However, his writ petition was rejected by the Andhra Pradesh High Court and the film “Dirty Picture” was released on 9th December 2011, in Hindi and Telugu.

Upset by the release of “Dirty Picture”, Mr.Prasad says that his sister had never been ‘dirty’ as shown in the film.

He has again lodged a police complaint seeking investigations into the death of his sister Silk Smitha.

If they wanted to make a film based on his siter Silk Smitha’s life, they should have contacted him for consultations and approval. And Mr. Prasad is planning to file ‘Criminal Defamation Suit’ against the “Dirty Picture- Team”.

The “Dirty Picture-Team” including Ms. Vidya Balan say that the film “Dirty Picture” might be inspired by Silk Smitha and it is not based on Silk Smitha’s life and death.

According to them there had been many dance stars like “Silk Smitha”, and it incidentally the name of the dancer character in “Dirty Picture” has been “Silk”

The released film “Dirty Picture” is reported to have received overwhelming response in all the centers. And the distributors are making arrangements for screening “Dirty Picture” in more theaters in Metros.

The complaint made by Mr. Prasad have added attraction to the film and the more fans would like to view the film.

However, we have to wait and see whether the allegations and complaints of her brother would bring the truth behind her death and do justice to Silk Smitha.

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