Will “IRCTC” Extend its “e-Wallet”-Scheme For “Tatkal” Bookings ?

The “Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation” / “IRCTC” has introduced, a modified ‘Rolling Deposit Scheme’/’RDS’, for online booking of e-tickets, called “e-Wallet” –Scheme.

Under the “e-Wallet”-Scheme the user can deposit money in advance with ‘IRCTC’ for using at the time of booking online-e tickets, as one of the payment options along with other options such as:

  • Banks’ Credit Cards,
  • Banks’ Debit Cards and
  • Internet Banking.

How To Register For “e-wallet”-Scheme:-

Timings For Registration:  
 Any time after 12 00 noon/pm to 08 00 am
 (except from 08 00 am to 12 00 noon/ pm)

The following are the steps for registration for “e-wallet” – Scheme:

  • Login to the ‘irctc’ web-site,by entering your Username and Password.
  • In the “Plan My Travel”page, a link will appear for “e-Wallet Registration”
  • Click on “Click to register now!” link for “e-Wallet  Registration”
  • After clicking on ‘eWallet registration’ link you will be redirected to verify your  IT PAN Card number
  • Fill the IT PAN Card Number and the First name written on the IT PAN Card.
  • After the verification of user’s IT PAN Card number, payment page will appear for payment of  “e-Wallet Registration Fee”
  • Create a Transaction Password required at the time of booking and reconfirm the same password in the textbox provided.
  • Select the Bank for the payment of Registration Fee of Rs 250/-, from the dropdown list of payment options available.
  • After successful payment, the User will be logged out and a successful registration message is provided.

How to make deposits into “e-Wallet”Account:

  • Login to the ‘irctc’ website by entering your user name and password
  • To deposit the amount in the “e-Wallet” account click to ‘eWallet DEPOSIT’ link on the left navigation bar.
  • Select option and fill the amount to be deposited and reconfirm the same account.
  • The amount of deposit should be a minimum of Rs 100/- and a maximum of Rs 10000/- in multiples of Rs 100/-.
  • And the Maximum Balance which can be maintained in the account is Rs 10 000/-
  • While making the initial deposit, the maximum amount payable is Rs 10000/-.
  • However, as and when the “e-wallet” account is used for tickets bookings and as and when refunds are made for cancellations the maximum amount which can be deposited will depend upon the balance available in the account. And accordingly, the maximum amount which can be deposited will be calculated, as the maximum amount of balance allowed in the account is Rs 10 000/-.
  • Select the payment option from drop down list and Click on “Submit” button for payment.
  • After the successful deposit, successful payment message will be provided.
  • To check the status of deposit ‘e-Wallet’ account , click ‘DEPOSIT HISTORY’ link on the left navigation bar.
  • Enter the profile password and click ‘Go’ button.
  • User will be redirected to ‘Deposit History’ page where status of all the ‘e-Wallet’ Deposit Amount will be provided.

“e-Wallet”- Transactions:

  • All of the ‘e-Wallet’ booking transactions can be accessed by clicking on this link and providing profile password.
  • Members will be able to search bookings by providing their date of journey.
  • Details of the booking can be viewed by clicking Transaction ID.
  • E -Wallet Change Transaction Password
  • Users can change their transaction password from this link.e -Wallet Forgot Transaction Password
  • Users can reset their transaction password from this link.

The Following are some of the highlights of the ‘irctc’-e-Wallet Scheme:

  • For registering and using the irctc’s e-Wallet Scheme, Income-Tax Permanent Account Number Card / IT PAN Card Number is a must. 
  • A Non-Refundable- Registration Fee of Rs 250/- will have to be paid at the time of registration for the ‘e-Wallet Scheme’,
  • The Minimum amount which can be deposited into the ‘e-Wallet Scheme’Account is Rs 100/-.
  • The Maximum amount which can be deposited into the ‘e-Wallet Scheme’ Account is Rs 10 000/-.
  • The Maximum Balance Amount which can be kept in the ‘e-Wallet Scheme’ Account is Rs 10 000/-.
  • The ‘e-Wallet Scheme’ Account can be used at the time of booking online e-tickets, as one of the options of payment for the booking/s along with the other 3 options of Banks’ Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Internet Banking.
  • You need not get redirected to the website of the bank for making the payment and you need not wait for the bank to make the confirmation of payment to irctc. 
  • The time taken for making the payment for the booking will be reduced as and when the ‘e-Wallet Scheme’ Account is used and 
  • The risk of your login for the irctc website expiring while making the payment by means of the banks is avoided and
  • The risk of your bank/credit card account being debited and the ticket/s not issued will be avoided and
  • The refund/s for the cancellation/s made will be done on the next day as and if you use ‘e-Wallet Scheme’ instead of the banks’ cards and internet banking
  • However, the ‘e-Wallet Scheme’ cannot be used between 08 00 am and 12 00 noon/pm and you cannot use the same for “Tatkal Scheme” Bookings of train tickets 

As and if the irctc’s e Wallet Scheme can be used for Tatkal Bookings, the number of users registering and using the scheme will be increased in larger numbers.

The following is the reasonable expectation of the ‘irctc’ users:  

“Will ‘IRCTC’ extend the ‘e-Wallet Scheme’ for booking online e-tickets for ‘Tatkal’ Bookings of train tickets at the earliest ?”

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