List of Mercy Petitions Forwarded by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs to Pranab Mukherjee- The President of India

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs/MHA 

has since forwarded by February 2013, seven (7 ) Mercy Petitions of Death Row Convicts in 6 cases of multiple murders for the- “Final Decision” of the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee as detailed below:

In the Case of Killing 13 members of a family on 17th August 1986- the mercy petition of

  •     Gurmeet Singh of UP

In the Case of Rape and Murder on 30th June 1989-the mercy petition of

  •     Sunder Singh of Uttarakhand

In 2- Cases of Murder of 5 Family members of the family of a girl he had already raped in the year 1993-the mercy petition of

  •     Dharampal of Haryana

In the Case of Killing 4 members of a family on 23rd February 1994-the mercy petition of

  •      Praveen Kumar of  Karnataka

In the Case of Drugging and Killing of 8 of her Family members including her  parents in Hissar in the year 2001 the mercy petitions of the following 2 :

  •     Sonia, daughter of a former Haryana MLA and her husband
  •     Sanjeev

In the Case of Killing wife and 5 daughters in the year 2002-the mercy petition  of

  •     Jafar Ali of Uttar Pradesh

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