International Women’s Day is observed on 8th March every year. Since one day out of 365 days in a year is for Women, does it mean all other 364 days are for men?; or, had not men done anything for the mankind worth remembering? Is “Men’s Day” observed for remembering and honouring men?

In the Stone age, and in the pre-historic days men might have dominated because of their nature of relative more strength than women. It is true that the world had been male-dominated for a long time. Many people, mainly men had to fight for “Equality to Women in the past”. In India the popular revolutionary poet Subramania Bharathiar fought for Women’s Liberation and Equality.

But, in the modern world the situation has changed. Because of development of Education and Culture, men started treating women equally, and the status of women in many countries has gone up.

The ex-President of the United States of Soviet Russia (USSR), Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, initiated the observance of International Men’s Day. From the year 1999, on the first Saturday of November every year, International Men’s day is observed.

On this International Men’s Day, the following acts of bigotry and misandry against men should be avoided and their basic rights to equality must be recognized:-

  • the deliberate preference of a female’s lie against the truth,
  • the belief that no father can be a fit parent,
  • the assumption that masculinity, male physiology, and male hormones
  • cause males to become evil, sexually abusive, oppressive, and violent,
  • the assumption that every male is or can become sexually abusive, oppressive, and violent,
  • the promulgation of false statistics against males regarding rape and family violence,
  • the tolerance of female violence and abuse toward males,
  • the suppression of evidence of a female’s violence and abuse toward a male,
  • the encouragement or reporting or supporting or the toleration of false allegations and charges against a male because of his gender,
  • the denial of historic male spiritual, intellectual, humanitarian, and material contributions to civilization,
  • the act of coercing women to lie against their husbands.

The observance of International Men’s Day is not known to many men. However, women have approved and welcome the Men’s Day.

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