Why Dr.Subramanian Swamy Filed a Petition before the Election Commission of India Demanding De- Recognition of Indian National Congress

Dr.Subramanina Swamy, the Chief of Janata Party 

has filed a petition before the Election Commission seeking de-recognition of the Indian National Congress party, for violating:

  • The Guidelines & Rules that has to be mandatorily followed by political parties for registration and recognition and
  • Income Tax Rules

in providing an unsecured and interest free loan to ‘Associate Journals Pvt.Limited’, the publisher of Indian newspaper, ‘National Herald’.

The following are the Allegations of  Dr.Subramanina Swamy, made  in his Petition to the Election Commission Of India: 
In a recent Press Release on 02nd November 2012, a Senior Congress Leader Mr.Janardhan Dwivedi  has said that the Indian National  Congress has given an interest-free loan of more than Rs 90 Crores to Associated Journals Private Limited (a company incorporated under Section 3 of Companies Act, 1956) ,the publisher of the newspaper National Herald.
National Herald Newspaper was founded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1937.The National Herald was published first in 1938 and it was closed down in 2008.According to the Indian National Congress the National Herald had played a vital role inthe freedom struggle of India.

The above loan given by the Indian National Congress is in violation of the Guidelines &Rules to be followed by political parties for registration & recognition.Any political party may not extend loans to companies with or without interest,as per Section 29A to C of RPA and Section 13A of IT Act.


Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi have floated a private company  by name,‘Young Indians’ ‘The Young Indians’  company has acquired the ‘Associated Journal’( having a property worh Rs 1600 crores) for a sum of Rs 50 Lakhs. Also  the Indian National Congress  has written off the unsecured loan of Rs 90 crores given to ‘Associated Journals’.

The Young Indians’ shareholders meeting “was held in Sonia Gandhi’s Government allotted 10, Janpath. This is  a violation of the law since the No:10, Janpath, New Delhi,which is a Government accommodation must not  be used for commercial purposes and business.

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