Yoga for Weight Reduction

We can reduce our weight by YOGA, through different asanas and we can easily reduce extra fat from our body. Some of the asanas stimulate sluggish glands to increase their hormonal secretions. The thyroid gland has a big effect on our weight as it affects body metabolism.

Asanas like shoulder stand and the fish posture are particularly helpful for the thyroid gland,which increase fat metabolism thereby converting fat to muscle and energy.We will lose fat and also have a better muscle tone and vitality, by practicing Yoga.

Yoga’s deep breathing helps in increasing the oxygen intake to our body cells, including the fat cells, resulting into burning up of fat cells. Also, Yoga reduces anxiety and anxious eating.

It is human tendency to eat more when we are out of mood, when we will swallow food without satisfaction and pleasure of eating. In the process we will be eating more. On the other hand, if we take our food in good mood, we will not over eat. Yoga plays an important role in making us more calm and cool.

Many of us may have the habit of eating between the meals, called binge-eating. Yoga will help us in diverting our attention from binge-eating. The knowledge and power derived from Yoga also makes us aware of problems like obesity, which will prevent the individual from overeating. Thus Yoga will help us to maintain ideal weight and reduce overweight, if any.

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