A Gujarat – Auto Driver’s Honesty in Returning Back Rs 1.90 Crores

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation/GIDC purchased land from various parties for the  member company of its estate, Tata Motors/Tata Nano in Sanand near Ahmedabad.

An auto-rickshaw driver, Mr.Raju Bharwad’s  family owned 10 bighas of land (one bigha of land is about 24000 square feet/10 grounds) at Sanand in Ahmedabad, out of whcih 6 bighas of land had been sold by Raju’s grand father and at present, 4 bighas of land is in the name of Raju and his mother Mrs.Baluben.

GIDC had purchased 3 bighas (72000 sq.ft/30 grounds) of land which was in the names of Raju Bharwad and his mother Mrs.Baluben, in the process of acquiring land for Tata Nano Company.

A cheque for Rs 1.90 Crores was issued in favour of Raju Bharwad, being  the cost of 3 bighas of land purchased as above by Tata Nano/GIDC and sent to Raju.

Mr.Raju Bharwad, the auto driver, returned back the Rupees  1.90 Crores cheque to GIDC telling that the said 3 bighas of land had already been sold 30 years back, by his grand father for Rs 5 Lakhs and more than 40 families are living in the said piece of land. In the passage of time and because of the Tata Nano company the price of land in the area has increased heavily.

However, the present owners had not registered their names as the owners of the land in the records.

The auto-driver, Raju earning around Rs 6000/-p.m.is content with  what he is having and honestly returned the huge amount of Rs 1.90 Crores, voluntarily given to him without his claiming for the same.

Raju Bharwad and his mother arranged for registering the names of the present owners of the land in the records.

According to Raju Bharwad, honesty is one of the few things taught to him by his parents, and he would not like to pocket the money not belonging to him.

In India, you would be often hearing about “Land Grabbing” cases and land-disputes.

The above incident shows that there are honest persons like, Raju Bharwad and Baluben in India.

“Honsety is the Best Policy.”

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