List of Demonetizations of High Value Indian Currency Notes Done From 1946 Till Now

Indian government has Demonetized bank notes in three instances till now.The reason for doing this was always to curb black money and counterfeit money.

1946 – Rs 10,000/-  and  Rs 1000/-

In January 1946 British Raj government withdraw the high value currency of Rs 10,000 and Rs 1000.



In the year 1954 new notes of Rs 10,000/-, Rs 5000/- and Rs 1,000/- were re-introduced.

1978 – Rs 10,000/- ,Rs 5,000/- and Rs 1,000 

In January  1978 Rs 10,000/-, Rs 5,000/- and Rs 1, 000/- were demonetized.

In November 2000 Rs 1,000/- notes were re- introduced and In October 1987 Rs 500/-notes  (for the First time)  were introduced.

2016 – Rs 1,000/- and Rs 500/-

On 09th November 2016, Rs 1000/- and Rs 500/- notes were demonetized and On 10th November 2016 new Rs 2,000/-(for the First time) and new Rs 500/-notes will be issued.





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