Lists of Trains Leaving Chennai Egmore Cancelled and Trains From, To &Via Chennai Egmore / Central Diverted on 02nd December 2015

The Southern Railways has ‘CANCELLED’ 12 Trains Leaving Chennai Egmore Railway Station on 02nd December 2015, due to rain water overflowing on the Railway tracks between Tambaram and Viluppuram Railway Stations.
The following is the list of 12 Trains ‘CANCELLED’ on 02 12 2015:
S.No./ Train Number /Name of the Train /Scheduled Departure From Chennai Egmore (MS):
1./ 12605 /Chennai Egmore-Karaikkudi PALLAVAN EXPRESS  / 15.45
2./16105 /Chennai Egmore-Tiruchendur CHENDUR EXPRESS/ 16.05
3. /16713 /Chennai Egmore -Rameswaram SETHU EXPRESS /17.00
4./16115/ Chennai Egmore- PUDUCHERRY  Express/18.10
5./12693 /Chennai Egmore-Tuticorin PEARL CITY EXPRESS / 19.15
6./12661 /Chennai Egmore-Sengottai POTHIGAI EXPRESS/20.55
7./16101 /Chennai Egmore-RAMESWARAM EXPRESS/21.40
8./16179 /Chennai Egmore-Mannargudi- MANNAI EXPRESS / 22.00
9./16177 /Chennai Egmore-Tiruchchirappalli ROCKFORT EXPRESS /22.30
10/11063 /Chennai Egmore-SALEM EXPRESS /23.00
11./ 16175 /Chennai Egmore-KARAIKAL EXPRESS/23.15 and
12.16183 /Chennai Egmore- Thanjavur UZHAVAN EXPRESS /23.30
The Following is the List of 15 Trains Leaving / Passing Through Chennai Egmore (MS)/Chennai Central (MAS) To Various Places in South Tamilnadu, DIVERTED , due to Rain Waters overflowing on the Railway Tracks between Tambaram and Villupuram:-
S.No./Train Number /Name of the Train / Diverted Via:
1./15120 / Manduadih-RAMESWARAM(Weekly) Express / Chennai Egmore,Perambur,Jolarpettai,Salem,Karur&Dindigul
2./22404/New Delhi-PUDUCHERI (Weekly) Express /Chennai Central, Perambur,Katpadi&Villupuram
3./12633/Chennai Egmore-KANNIYA KUMARI /Jolarpet,Salem,Karur&Dindigul
4./12642/Nizamuddin-Kanniyakumari THIRUKKURAL EXPRESS (Bi-weekly) Express/Chennai Central, Jolarpettai ,Salem,Karur &Dindigul
5./16723/Chennai Egmore-Thiruvananthapuram ANANTHAPURI EXPRESS / Jolarpet,Erode,Podanur& Ernakulam Town
6./12631/Chennai Egmore-Tirunelveli NELLAI EXPRESS  /Perambur,Katpadi& Villupuram
7./12637/Chennai Egmore-Madurai PANDIAN EXPRESS /Jolarpet,Karur & Dindigul
8./12664/Tiruchchirappalli-HOWRAH (Bi-weekly)Express/Villupuram, Katpadi,Chennai Central
9./12638/Madurai – Chennai Egmore PANDIAN EXPRESS /Dindigul,Karur&Jolarpettai
10./12632 /Thirunelveli – Chennai Egmore NELLAI EXPRESS/Villupuram, Katpadi,Perambur
11./12634/Kanyakumari-Chennai Egmore Express/Dindigul,Karur&Salem
12./16860 /Mangalore – Chennai Egmore Express/Erode,Salem& Jolarpettai
13 /16724/Thiruvananthapuram- Chennai Egmore ANANTHAPURI EXPRESS / Dindigul,Karur,Salem,Jolarpettai
14./12665/Howrah – Kanyakumari Express (Ex- Howrah 30.11.2015) /Perambur,Katpadi& Villupuram and
 15./ 16128/Guruvayur – Chennai Egmore Express (Ex.Guruvayur 30.11.15)/Villupuram,Katpadi & Perambur
News Courtesy: The Hindu Dated 02nd December 2015

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