“Super-Star”-Rajni presented a rare painting to “Ulaga Nayagan” – Kamal Hassan

Recently “Ulaga Nayagan” Kamal Hassan’s ‘50’ years in the Film Industry was celebrated by the entire “Film-World” in a grand manner. “Super-Star” – Rajnikanth participated in the function. In the facilitation talk Rajni addressed Kamal as ” Enn Kalai Ulaga Anna”/” My elder brother in Film World”.After some days, during another function to facilitate Kamal Hassan, “Super-Star”-Rajnikanth presented a painting and told that all the actors are the “Children of the Goddess of Art” and Kamal Hassan was very special and the Goddess of Art is seen carrying him in her hands. Other actors including Rajnikanth and Amitabh Bachchan are seen standing near the Goddess of Art.

Though Kamal is Rajni’s elder brother in the Film world as told by him which is a fact, it appears that Rajni feels that Kamal is the ‘pet’ child of the Goddess of Art.

It appears that after attending the ‘Kamal-50’ function, Rajnikanth asked some expert painter to draw the above picture for presenting to Kamal Hassan.

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