Do Not Use Laptop Computer on your bed- It is Dangerous and Fatal

Laptop Computers are handy and it is easy to use them wherever, we wish.

However, it is dangerous and fatal to use the laptops on bed.

Instances of death due to fire and electrocution while using laptops put on a charger have been already reported in Romania and New Zealand, where adolescents died of electrocution.

There have been reports of deaths due to fire and electocution by the use of laptops in India also.

In Kolkata in November 2011, Mr.Sayan Chowdhury, an IT- consultant was found dead on his bed due to fire and electrocution by his laptop plugged to the charger and the earphones fixed in his ears.

Now, in February 2012, again in Kolkata, another man- 30 years old Mr.Saptarishi Sarkar, a bachelor- employee of a private company, has been found dead close to his burnt laptop in his bedroom with all the windows and doors kept closed.

The victim appeared to have fallen asleep with a cigarette in his hand and the laptop kept nearby might have caught fire.

We must not use laptop computers and even mobile phones on bed and that too, as and when they have been plugged in to an electric power source for charging.

We must remember that the laptop computers are not mechanical machines and they are electrical/electronic machines.

Any electric and electronic machine should be handled with care and caution.

Also, we should remember that our beds are to be used only for sleeping.
We must not use our beds for:

  • Smoking,
  • Using Laptop computers,
  • Eating Snacks and
  • Taking Drinks including Tea Coffe and Cool Drinks.

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