Will India become “Champion of ICC World Cup Cricket” for the Second Time?

India and Srilanka will fight to snatch the “ICC World Cup” for the Second time. The Finals of the 10th “ICC World Cup-2011” will take place at Mumbai, India, on 02nd April 2011, Saturday at 02 30 pm.The following is the List of the “ICC World Cup” Champions:,

  • Australia – 4 times- In 1987, 1999, 2003 & 2007,
  • West Indies- 2 times- In 1975 & 1979,
  • Pakistan- Once- In 1992,
  • Srilanka- Once- In 1996 and
  • India- Once- In 1983 .

However, all the above “World Cup Champions” have won the Finals in places other than their own home countries, and in some cases home- teams have lost the finals.

If India becomes the Champion of the 2011, Team-India will be the first to break the above record.As both India and Srilanka are fighting for their Second Championship, the Cricket Fans will have a ‘thrilling’ cricket from both the teams.

The Cricket Fans globally eagerly await to know from this Finals if:

  • Muthaiha Muralidharan will play for Srilanka, ,
  • Sachin Tendulkar will take his 100th Century,
  • India take the Championship playing in home-land,
  • Sachin Tendulkar score ‘Century’ and India Win the Match (a rare combination).

Let us Wish “All The Best” to both the Co-Hosts of the “ICC World Cup-2011” Tournaments.

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