Doordarshan will be Digitalized soon

The Government of India has planned to digitalize Doordarshan TV Channel.In the 11th Plan (2007-2012) Rs 1,369 Crores has been approved for new schemes, and Rs 1,209 Crores has been set aside for digitalization of Doordarshan.The above information was announced in the Lokh Sabh by Mrs.Ambika Soni, the Union Broadcasting Minister.

The following steps will be taken for modernization of DD:-

  • Digitalisation of existing studios,
  • Establishment of digital transmitters,
  • Replacement and augmentation of old studios,Transmitter and satellite broadcast equipment and
  • Setting up of HDTV facilities with two HDTV studios in Delhi and Mumbai and field production and post production facilities in four metros.

According to the Union Broadcasting Minister:-

  • Out of 66 DD studio centres across the country, 23 centres were either already digitalised or being digitalised.
  • 39 Studio centres, which are partially digitalised or analog are planned to be fully digitalised in the 11th Plan.
  • The remaining four studios, which are analog, are proposed to be digitalised in the 12th Plan.

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