Life span of Man

In the present circumstances, we can say that a man’s life is divided into “tens”, as follows:-

From birth/from 0 to10 Play and Elementary Education,

From 11to 20 Basic and Technical Education,

From 21to 30 Employment and Marriage,

From 31to 40 Begetting Children,

From 41to 50 Accumulating wealth, by savings and investments,

From 51to 60 Marriage of children/Travel around the world,and,

From 61to 70 Retirement/ Rearing Grandchildren.

In the second span of from 11 to 20 the “teen”ages are crossed by the a man and from the

age of 20 “ty”s start and man is becoming old and older, day by day and year by year.

Life Above 70 is a bonus in life granted by God, and if a man is healthy,wealthy and with good children and grand children,otherwise life after the “eighth ten” onwards will be not be peaceful and it is a curse, or hell on earth, and only a few people live healthy wealthy and happy completing 100 years. The above life span is applicable to woman also but the schedule will have some changes, for obvious reasons.

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