How to celebrate the New Year 2009

You  know “Time and Tide wait for none”.

Time is continuously passing by and seconds, minutes, hours, days and months are changing and every new year becomes old and give place a new year.

We celebrate beginning of every year as “Happy New Year” in a positive spirit.

However, every year usually have many happy events and happenings in the lives of individuals , families, societies, countries and the entire universe.

Also many sad and bad events and happenings also take place in all the above categories every year.

The global recession, fall of the US economy, rise in Inflation in India, rise in prices of crude oil and gold were much heard of in the year 2008.

Olympics games, Chandrayan of India, change of leadership in US government also were heard of. Let us try to forget the sad/bad things and remember the good things in every past year and hope for good things to happen in the new year which has just begun.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009 to all our co-bloggers, readers and Internet Users throughout the world.

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