Anil Ambani is the Top-Paid Indian Executive

Mr.Anil Ambani, the younger of the Ambani brothers is the present “India’s Top-Paid Executive, inspite of his foregoing his salary and commissions.

However, a pay package of over Rs 52 Crores including Sitting fess and the payments for the previous years have made Anil the top scorer, while the payment details of his elder brother Mr.Mukesh Ambani are yet to be published for this year 2008-09, whose last year’s-2007-08’s total package was Rs 44.02 Crores. The Balance Sheet of RIL is yet to be published.

Had Mr.Anil Ambani opted to receive salary and commissions his total package would have crossed Rs 100 Crores this year, 2008-09.

As Chairman of five of his group’s listed companies:-
1. Reliance Communications
2. Reliance Capital
3. Reliance Power
4. Reliance Infrastructure
5. Reliance Natural Resources Ltd

he was paid a total of Rs 52.078 crore during the last fiscal year, representing an annual increase of nearly Rs 10 crore.

The total amount paid to Mr.Anil Ambani in 2008-09 exceeds the total amount paid for any other executive by other companies which have furnished the remuneration details for their top executives during the latest fiscal year.

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