Overeating is eating in excess, or binge- eating without realizing that they are over eating or without knowing when or how to stop eating. Compulsive over-eaters will be eating throughout the day, sometimes hiding their food so that others should not know. After eating in excess, they will feel guilty, depressed, or ashamed, and overeating becomes a habits when a person’s eating habits are out of control.

Many factors, such as stress, depression, boredom, anxiety, and even dieting, will trigger overeating. Those who deprive themselves of normal food by their so called diets or fasts will only binge- eat later, when they get so hungry that the urge to eat overpowers their desire to lose weight. Overeaters will be well known for frequent starting diets that only last for a week or two.

Compulsive overeaters tend to eat, whether they are hungry or not. They will become addicted to food. Many of them binge eat, consuming one thousand or more calories in one sitting.

They will normally prefer to eat alone, so that nobodyelse can observe what and how much they consume in one sitting. Those who eat compulsively in excess, will be normally and always imagining about food, planning to have nice meals,etc. Many overeaters eat as a means of escape from their problems.

Compulsive overeaters may be advised to seek medical treatment, some psychological help or counselling.

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