Rice Price will increase further

“Rice’ is a major and basic food for the majority of the people of India. Especially rice is the main food in the southern states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhrapradesh.The price of rice has been increasing in India, due to the shortage of production of rice year after year.
The prices of Sugar, fruits and vegetables are also increasing.The Union Agriculture Minister, Mr. Sharad Pawar has warned the country that a severe shortage of rice will be there, because of a dip in yield and it could further impact the rising prices. He also told that importing rice was not a viable solution, since very few countries produce paddy in abundance.Also, the Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Mr. Anand Sharma has
told reporters after a meeting of the empowered panel of ministers on food, headed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, that the Government of India will not import rice, for the time being, as it has enough stock of the food grain, but kept the option open to meet needs in the future.

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