Records Made and Surpassed by Indian Movie-“Bahubali-The Beginning” Directed by S.S.Rajamouli

The Indian Movie “Bahubali-The Beginning”, 

Bahubali The Beginning

shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu, Directed by the popular Telugu Director S.S.Rajamouli,-Director of the  ‘Telugu’ Eaga / Tamil Dubbed ‘Naan Eae’Movie-

Eaga Telugu Movie
Naan Eea Tamil Movie

released worldwide on 10th July 2015, in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam,starring:

Prabhas in Bahubali


Rana Daggupati in Bahubali


Tamanna in Bahubali


Anuksha Shetty in Bahubali


Ramya Krishnan in Bahubali


Sathyaraj in Bahubali


Nasser in Bahubali


Adivi Sesh




Sudeep in Bahubali

has created many ‘New Records’ and has surpassed many previous records made in Indian Cinema.

The following are some of the  ‘New Records’ Made and Previous Records Surpassed by the Indian Movie-“Bahubali-The Beginning”:

Bahubali IMDB Rating

The Movie “Bahubali-The Beginning” has a rating of  9.4 out of 10 in ‘Internet Movie Data Base’ Rating / IMDB ratings so far,

    IMDB Rating

    With the overall budget of Rs 250 Crores, the movie has become an Indian Movie with the highest budget ever,

      Indian Movie with the Highest Budget

       Rs 24 Crores paid to / spent for Rana Daggubati, including for his body building, over more than 2 years,

      Rana Daggupatti

       The sets for the movie are of record height of 45 feet,

        The poster of the movie “Bahubali-The Beginning”of size:  4,793.65 Square Metres/51,598.41 Square Feet, unveiled in Kochi, Kerala,has made a “Guinness World Record” of the World’s Largest Movie Poster ever, surpassing the earlier record of a Movie poster of  50,687.25 Square Feet,

        Guinness Record Poster of Bahubali

        The movie would be dubbed in 36 languages, including ‘Chinese’ and will be released worldwide,

          Rana Daggubati, increased his body weight from 88 Kg to 120 Kg by diets and exercises / workouts and built up muscles to have the required look of a great warrior with powerfull arms,

            Rana Daggupati in Bahubali

            Hyderabad-Ramoji Film City’s more than 100 acres of land has been used to shoot the war scene sequences,

            Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

            Actually, 20 acres of land was cultivated with ‘maize crops’ the for shooting of the movie,

              20 Acres of Maize Crops for Bahubali

                A total of 733 days (2 years and 3 days) of shootings were held for the movie, with about 1000 horses and about 20 000  weapons, such as swords& armours etc. and many jewelleries along with about 2000 ‘Junior Artists’ used in the ‘War Scene’ sequences,

                2000 Junior Artists in Bahubali War Scene

                Over 15,000 sketches were used over a span of 1 year to be used for the scenes shot for the movie, Erection of the Bhallala Statue of height 125 feet, using 4 cranes was shot for 12 days,

                15000 Sketches for Bahubali Shooting

                The movie ‘Bahubali-The Beginning’ was released on 10th July 2015, in more than 4000 screens, worldwide, including 100 in USA and

                Bahubali The Beginning Released in India
                Bahubali I Released in USA

                  “Bahubali the Beginning” has created ‘New Records’ and  Surpassed the Previous Records’ in ‘Box Office Collections’, as detailed below.

                    The following are the details of the “New Box Office Collections -Records”  made and Previous Box Office Collections Records of Indian Movies ‘Surpassed’  by “Bahubalu-The Beginning”:

                    Bahubali Breaks All Box Office Records

                    With Rs 50 Crores of opening day’s collections worldwide, surpassed the opening day’s collections of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’,

                    Bahubali 50 Crores
                    Shah Rukh Khan's Happy New Year

                    Crossed Rs 100 Crores of collections worldwide in just 2 days,

                    Bahubali 100 Crores

                    With Rs 215 Crores of collections worldwide in 5 days, created a new record of an Indian Movie having a fast  more than 200 Crores of Collections ,

                      Crossed Rs 300 Crores of worldwide collections in just 9days,

                        Bahubali 300 Crores

                        In just 4 weeks the movie has made record collections of Rs 500 Crores worldwide , surpassing the total collections of Rs 283 Crores of Super-Star Rajnikanth’s “Endhiran the Robot”,

                        Bahubali 400 Crores

                        With collections of more than Rs 40 Crores in just 6 days, the movie has become the highest grossing ‘Movie Dubbed in Hindi from other language/s’, surpassed the total collections of Rs 18 Crores of Super Star Rajnikanth’s “Endhiran the Robot”,

                        Rajni's Endhiran the Robot

                        With Rs 28 Crores of ‘opening weekend collections’ in the ‘US Box Office’, the movie has become the movie with the highest opening weekend collection at US Box Office, surpassing  the opening weekend collections in the US Box Office,

                        Bahubali's Box Office Record in USA

                        With more than Rs 215 Crores in just 5 days, the movie has become the highest grossing Telugu Movie, surpassing the record of Pawan Kalyan’s “Attarintiki Daredi” with a gross collections of Rs 85 Crores,

                          Pawan Kalyan's Attarintki Dardi

                          As the First Monday’s Collections were Rs 6.1 Crores, as against the First Friday Collections of Rs 5.15 Crores, the movie has broken the ‘trend of reduced collections on the First Monday’ as against the first weekend collections, especially of the First Friday

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