‘Ulaga Nayagan’-Kamal Hassan’s Super-hit Film ”Nayakan’- Making of the Film- Recollected by Kamal Hassan after 25 years

‘Ulaga Nayagan’ Kamal Hassan’s ‘Nayakan’  was released in the year 1987.

‘Nayakan’ was voted as one of the Time Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Films’ of all time in the year 2005.

Now,  as 25 years elapsed from the release of the super-hit film, ‘Nayakan’, based on the real story of  an ‘under- world don’- Varadaraja Mudaliar  of Mumbai,  similar to the English Movie, ‘Godfather’ released in the year 1972, Dr.Kamal Hassan has recollected how the film was made, in the direction of Director G.Maniratnam and produced by Mukhtha Srinivasan, a popular producer of South Indian films.

It is notable that Mukhtha Srinivasan has recently celebrated his 80th  birthday.

Kamal Hassan has described how he could complete ‘Nayakan’ in the way they wanted,  as a result of discussions and plans he had with his director Maniratnam  and

 his Art Director Thotta Tharani who all worked to make a different film.

Inspite of the differences of attitude and approach  regarding cost of taking the film etc. ,of his team and the original producer Mukhtha Srinivasan, perhaps due to a vast gap between their ideologies.

However, Kamal Hassan and his team could achieve in making a different film.

Later, the film was purchased by Director Maniratnam and his

elder brother, Film Financier/Producer, Mr. G. Venkateswaran.

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