Happy Indian Teachers’Day 5th September 2010

‘Teachers’ are the pillars of any country upon whom the future society will be built. The profession of ‘teaching’ is considered to be a very noble one in the entire world including India.In Tamilnadu, the teaching career is becoming more popular induced by monetary and other benefits extended by the Government to teachers and perhaps with a noble intention to serve the society by taking ‘teaching’ as the career.

According to a popular Tamil Saying, “Madha, Pidha, Guru, Dheivam( Mother, Father, Teacher, God), Teachers are given a place of importance along with Parents and God, next only God.

Many young men and women choose ‘teaching’ as their career for the respect given to teachers and monetary benefits and fixed long-term vacation.

A Teacher must:-

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the subject he/she is teaching,
  • Have dedication to his/her career as a teacher,
  • Be a Role Model and Guide to his/her students,
  • Not be ‘money-minded’, though he/she is entitled for appropriate remuneration for the work as a teacher,
  • Be punctual, honest, sincere and patient,
  • Have the abilities to interact with his/her students and explain in detail the subject he/she is teaching and
  • Have the knowledge, patience and inclination to clear the doubt of his/her student in the subject.

In order to thank the selfless service and dedicated life of teachers “International Teachers’ Day” is observed on 15th October every year.

However, in India “Teachers’Day” is observed on 5th September along with the Birthday of Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, every year fromj1962 according to his wish expressed by him to celebrate his birthday as “Teachers’Day”.

Dr.S.Radhakrishnanf, the First Vice-President and the Second President of India is :-

  • a native of Tamilnadu,
  • who studied his M.A. in Philosophy, in “Madras Christian College”
  • is a dedicated ‘teacher’, who thought himself more a teacher than the President of India.Awards for “best teachers” are given by the Government of India and the State Governments on the teachers’day.

In the Scientifically advanced and “Computerised” days, the process of learning has become to some extent, “Distant” and “ Impersonal” by the “Distant Education” Schemes and “On-line Teachings” and “Self-Study.

However, the “Distant-Education” and “Self-Study” will be helpful in advanced levels of education. In the basic and the primary levels, the role of “Teachers” will ever continue to be of great importance.

As it is also said that “Mother is the First Teacher of a Child”, we can say, “Teacher is the Second Mother of the Student”.

“Happy Teachers’ Day”.

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