Some of the Mind-Blowing & Shocking Scenes of “CHENNAI”- Affected by 2015 Heavy Rains & Floods

Some of the Mind-Blowing & Shocking Scenes  of “CHENNAI”- Affected by 2015 Heavy Rains & Floods

‘Chennai’, the capital city of Tamilnadu received heavy rains and encountered the subsequent floods during November-December 2015.

Chennai Floods-2015 are contributed by the local State Government / officials to the natural heavy rains, the heaviest in the past 100 years.

It is reported that the heavy rains during the period from 9th November 2015 to 01st December 2015, has been the heaviest rainfall in the past 100 years of the history of Chennai.In the present context, ‘Chennai’, includes all the places such as, Chennai City, Chennai District Areas,  the Sub Urban Areas of Chennai, the nearby/interlinked  Districts of Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram,

 During the current ‘North East Monsoon’ rains of the year 2015, from October 2015 to December 2015,  “Chennai”received heavy rains on 9thand 10th November 2015.

After 2 weeks, on 01st December 2015 ‘Chennai’ received heavy rains  flooding  the roads, streets, railways tracks in Chennai Egmore and Chennai Central Railway Stations, 

The rains had been moderate on 11th and 12th of November 2015.Due to the continuous- heavy rains for 2 days and non -stop rains for 2 more days, as above in ‘Chennai’,  all  the  the low lying areas of ‘Chennai’ became inundated by 13th November 2015. 

Again on 15thand 16th November 2015 ‘Chennai’ received heavy rains and most of the areas of ‘Chennai’ became fully flooded with rain-water by 17th November 2015. 

Many subways in ‘Chennai’ were full of water and vehicles had been immersed inside water in the subways.Chennai International Airport was closed from 2nd December 2015 to 6th December 2015 as the runways and the ground floors were full of flood waters.

Due to the flooding rain waters, roads and streets in ‘Chennai’ were full of water and various types of ‘boats’ had replaced the motor cycles and cars etc.

On many roads and streets in ‘Chennai’, including ‘Anna Salai’ boats were used for moving people slandered in the floods to safer places.  

Many vehicles, especially cars and buses got immersed in the flood waters on many road and streets of ‘Chennai’.

Many residential and commercial areas in ‘Chennai’ were submerged in flood waters.

Due to the flooding of rain water, around and even inside many of the hospitals in ‘Chennai’ were closed and the in-patients had to be transferred out of such hospitals to safer places.

The flood waters entered the ‘MIOT Hospitals‘, in Mount Poonamalle Road, Manappakkam and due to lack of power supply and ‘oxygen’-cylinders, 14 patients in the ICU of the MIOT Hospitals died.

The ‘Global Hospitals’ in Perumbakkam was submerged in flooding waters and the ‘MRI’ -Scan Room of the Global Hospital was full of water.

Due to the flooding waters of the heavy rains,  many people staying on the banks of the ‘Adyar /Couvam Rivers’ in huts and even people living in concrete- roofed houses and apartments became homeless. 

The houses in the ‘Ground Floors’ of independent houses and apartments got submerged in the flooding waters, causing many deaths, sufferings and loss / damage of domestic possessions, especially, Televisions, Sofa sets, Kitchen items including LPG Gas Cylinders. 

Many two wheeler and four wheeler parked in the basements/ parking places and in the Ground Floors / on the roads were submerged in the flooding waters and obviously got damaged. 

Many two wheeler and four wheeler parked in the basements/ parking places and in the Ground Floors / on the roads were submerged in the flooding waters and obviously got damaged. 

Soldiers of the ‘Indian Army’ and the ‘India Navy’ and the members of the ‘National Disaster Relief Force’/’NDRF’ , ‘OLA Boats’ and many ‘Volunteers’ from various ‘Non Government Organizations’ / ‘NGO’s participated in the ‘Rescue Operations’ of the people stranded in the floods submerged houses, using Motor Boats& Fishing- Row Boats belonging to the fishermen of ‘Chennai’ and Rescue boats/ Floats.

According to the officials of the ‘Chennai City Corporation’, about 57,000 houses, mostly those of working class, in the Chennai City had suffered structural damage.Earlier, ‘Chennai’ had received heavy rains in the years 2010 and 2005

When people had been stranded in their houses, being unable to go out of the flooded areas, food, cloths and medicines were supplied to them using helicopters by the Military, Government and Non Government Agencies.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr.Narendra Modi made an ‘Aerial Survey’ of the ‘Flood Affected Areas’ of ‘Chennai’ on 03rd December 2015, from a helicopter.

However, according to the opposition political parties, the chennai flloods-2015 are said to be created by the untimely opening of ‘Chembarambakkam lake by the concerned department.

The following are some of the numerous ‘Mind Blowing ‘&’Shocking’ Scenes’ (NEVER BEFORE&NEVER AGAIN)  of ‘ Chennai in Floods’ of November-December 2015, witnessed via photos/videos through social media such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Whats app’ people all over Tamil Nadu/India and also in many parts of the world.

House Surrounded by and Submerged in water
Street full of water
Huts washed away in water
A pet dog taken on a scooter on a road full of water
Boats on Chennai roads
Street and Compound wall submerged in water
Rubber cushion sofa used as a boat
Cars submerged in water
Water Water Everywhere
Cars immersed in water


Cars fullly drowned in water


Auto Rickshaw Submerged in water



Railway Tracks in water


Railway Tracks in water



Railway Tracks in water

Chennai Airport Flooded with water
Chennai Airport full of water
Chennai Airport full of water
Water inside Chennai Airport
Chennai Airport full of water



A Chennai Hospital Scan room full of flood water


Indian Army in Relief operations


A lady rescued on a float by an Indian Soldier

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