List of Political Parties-Alliances-CM Candidates- 2016 Tamilnadu Assembly Elections

List of Political Parties-Alliances-CM Candidates- 2016 Tamilnadu Assembly Elections


The General Elections 2016 for 234 Assembly Seats have been scheduled to be conducted by the Election Commission of India  /ECI on 16th May 2016.1The Following are the 3 Major Political Alliances contesting the Tamilnadu State Assembly General Elections 2016:- 2016 tn elections

  1. AIADMK Alliance headed by the ruling party AIADMK of J.Jayalalaitha, with SELVI JAYALALITHA  aged 67 years as the Chief Ministerial Candidatejayalalithaa

The Following are the Political Parties in the AIADMK Alliance of JAYALALITHA:

ALL INDIA ANNA DRAVIDA MUNNETRA KAZHAGAM / AAIDMK-All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam AIADMK- Founded by (Late) M.G.Ramachandran and Headed by the present Chief Minister of Tamilnadu J.JayalalithaAIADMK_

REPUBLICAN PARTY OF INDIA /Republican Party of India /RPI based on  the Scheduled Castes Federation led by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

ALL INDIA SAMATHUVA MAKKAL KATCH / AISMK-‘All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi’ /AISMK Party Founded and Headed by  Actor turned politician R.Sarathkumar

TAMILNADU KONGU ILAINGAR PERAVAI-Tamilnadu Kongu Ilaingar Peravai, Founded and Headed by  U.Thaniyarasu,

2. DRAVIDA MUNNETRA KAZHAGAM /DMK Alliance headed by DMK of M.Karunanidhi with M.KARUNANIDHI  aged 91 years as the Chief Ministerial Candidatecongress-dmk

The Following are the Political parties in the DMK Alliance of KARUNANIDHI:

DRAVIDA MUNNETRA KAZHAGAM/DMK– Founder: C.N.Annaduari- Present Leader: M.Karunanidhi- Present Secretary General: K.Anbazhagan –Present Treasurer: M.K.Stalindmk INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS/INC– Founded in the year  1885 during the British rule in India-Leader:  Mrs.Sonia Gandhi –Leader in Tamilnadu: E.V.K.S.ElangovanincPUTHIYA TAMILAKAM KATCHI-Founded & Leader:  Dr.KrishnaswamykrishnasamyMANITHA NEYA MAKKAL KATCHI  –Founded for the welfare of Muslims and other Backward Class people of Tamilnadu- The Present President:  M.H.Jawahirullah – The Present Secretary General:  P.Abdul Samadumanitha neya makkal katchi2INDIAN UNION MUSLIM LEAGUE-Founded in the year 1948- The Present Lok Sabha Leader:  E.Ahmed- The Present Rajya Sabha Leader:  P.V.Abdul WahabIndian_Union_Muslim_League.svgUZHAIPPALAR KATCHI


PERUNTHALAIVAR MAKKAL KATCHI / PTMK -Perunthalaivar Makkal Katchi /PTMK  has been founded and headed by N.R.Dhanapalan

3. PEOPLES’ WELFARE FRONT / DESIYA MURPOKKU DRAVIDA KAZHAGAM /DMDK Alliance headed by DMDK of Actor turned politician and the present Opposition Leader of the Tamilnadu Assembly with VIJAYAKANTH  aged  63 years as the Chief Ministerial Candidate

dmdkThe Following are the Political parties in the Peoples’ Welfare Front / DMDK Alliance of VIJAYAKANTH:

DESIYA MURPOKKU DRAVIDA KAZHAGAM / DMDK-Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam /DMDK-Founded and Headed by Vijayakanth, having 20 MLA’s out of 234 MLA’s in Tamilnadu State Assembly, being the Major Opposition Party in the Tamilnadu State Assembly, with Vijayakanth as the Leader of the Opposition

MARUMALARCHI DRAVIDA MUNNETRA KAZHAGAM / MDMK -Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam /MDMK, Founded and headed by V.Gopalasamy / Vai.Kovaiko

TAMIL MAANILA CONGRESS / TMC -Tamil Maanila Congress /TMC was founded by G.K.Moopanar and  is presently headed by G.K.Vasantamil maanila congress vasanCOMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA / CPI-Communist Party of India, founded in the year 1925, with Suravaram Sudhar Reddy as the Secretary General and C.N.Jayadevan as the Lok Sabha Leader and D.Raja as the Rajya Sabha LeadercpiCOMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MARXIST)-Communist Party of India (Marxist), founded in the year 1964, with Sitaram Yechury as the present Secretary General & the Rajya Sabha Leadr and  P.Karunakaran as the Lok Sabha Leadercpi-marxistVIDUTHALAI CHIRUTHAIGAL KATCHI/VCK-Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi /VCK, Founded and headed by Thol.Thirumavalavanvck



The Following are the  Political parties contesting  the Tamilnadu State Assembly General Elections  without any alliance:




KONGUNADU MAKKAL  DESIA KATCHI of E.R.Easwarankongunadu makkal desiya katchi

NADAALUM MAKKAL KATCH– Founder & Leader : Actor Karthik MuthuramannaadalumNAAM TAMILAR KATCHI of Director Seemaannaam tamilarPATTALI MAKKAL KATCH /PMK-Pattali Makkal Katchi, was founded by   Dr.S.Ramadoss who is the Leader of the party and G..K.Mani  is the present President and Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss is  the Chief Ministerial CandidatepmksdpiSOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF INDIA /SDPI


WELFARE PARTY OF INDIA-Welfare Party Of India has been founded in the year 2011 with Mr.Mujtaba Farooq as the Founder NationalPresident and with Dr.S.Q.R.Ilyas as the present National President, Fr.Abraham Joseph, MI.Abul Wahab Khiji and Dr.B.T.Lalitha Naik as the Vice presidents and Mr.P.C.Hamza and Mr.Shafi Madni as the General Secretaries and Mr.Abdul Salam as the Treasurer

The following is the List of Candidates for the Post of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in the 2016 Tamilnadu State Assembly Elections:

SELVI JAYALALITHA – the Present Chief Minister and the General Secretary of the fAIADMK of the AIADMK AlliancejayaM.KARUNANIDHI- the Chief of DMK- of the DMK AlliancemkVJAYAKANTH– Chief of DMKD- of the People’s Welfare AlliancevijayDR.ANBUMANI RAMADOSS- Son of Dr.Ramadoss, the Chief of PMK- Not Alligned with any partyanbumaniThe other political parties contesting without alliance, including the BJP have not projected anybody as the Chief Ministerial candidate. bjp

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