Should you become an Early Riser?

In those days, before Electricity was invented, people were in the habit of going to bed early and getting up early by sunrise; because they had to do work when sunlight was there. Lighting up lamps were not as easy as it is now,when you have electric lights under control of your fingers. After invention of electricity and continuous power supply and lighting facilities man’s going to bed and getting up from sleep time has lost link to sunlight, or day or night.

Nowadays many people work late in night, and go to bed late and get up from sleep late. For people who have to work late in the night there is no point in telling them “Early to bed and Early to rise will make you healthy, wealthy and wise”. They will continue in their habit of late night work and getting up late in the morning.

For people who have to work in the normal hours, it is advisable to go to bed early and rise from sleep early. By rising from sleep early in the morning before sunrise there are a number of benefits.The benefits need not be health,wealth or wisdom directly, but they will benefit in Time Management.

Early rising in the morning:-

  • Will give you a chance to see the wonderful natural daily happening namely,the sunrise, which many late risers miss to see. The late risers will enjoy the pleasure of sleeping in the early morning hours. They will not agree with you, if you tell them the benefits of early rising. For people who have to go to their office or work by, say 10 am, getting up early will allow them to do many of their work leisurely, avoiding the tension and hurry.
  • Will allow you enough time to do the needful in sending your children to school in the morning.
  • Will allow you to do physical exercise and walking, jogging or running exercises in the fresh morning air full of pure Ozone, without pollutions of smoke from the vehicles.
  • Will allow you to do important office and personal works efficiently, as your brain will be brisk after a good rest in the night.

In those days, students used to be advised to get up early and study their lessons. It is not possible these days because of school timings and their “Home Works and Assignments” and their going to bed late after watching TV or browsing Internet, or talking to their friends over Mobile Phones.

How to Become an Early Riser:-

  • You must not try to change the habit suddenly.
  • You must try to advance the time of getting up 30 minutes earlier, for some days.
  • After getting used to get up a little early, another 30 minutes can be advanced.
  • Only practice with determination to get up early will change your habit of getting up late to early rising.

For a change in the habit of getting up early you must be convinced of the benefits in early rising. For early rising you must go to bed early, to enable you to have enough sleep.

If you use alarm clock for getting up, you must not switch off or snooze the alarm. You must not try sleep just for another 5 minutes or 15 minutes.

Once you decide, while going to bed itself, to get up at a particular time in the early morning, you must immediately get up from bed and have a face wash, tooth brushing etc. and even it is better to have your bath.

If you do not leave Sleep, Sleep will never leave you. Sleep will embrace you as long as you love to sleep.

Sleep which normally do not come near you in the night when you want to sleep, will not leave you in the morning, especially when you want to get up in the early morning.

For switching to getting up early practice you must have a plan of work to do in the morning. You can go for walking or jogging or meditation.

When you try to get up in the early morning you must not tell to yourself, “O.K. Today I will sleep for some more time, as I did not sleep in the night at all.I started sleeping only very late. Let me get up early from tomorrow.”

Remember that “Tomorrow” will never come, as you will be repeating the same type of getting up daily, unless you have determination.

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