Worry is a Curable Disease

  • Worry will make us weak and sick and make our life unbearable.
  • Worry will prevent us from living a full and happy life.
  • Worry will steal the bloom from our cheeks and lightness from our pulse and it will take away the appetite and make us feel older.
  • Worry is a disease and worry-disease can be reduced and cured.

To cure the worry-disease a change in our thinking and a change in our view and reactions to situations is required. Worrying over things which may happen in future will waste a large portion of our present and worry does no good to us.

If we can solve our problems, then there is no need for worrying about it. And if we cannot solve the problems there is again no use in worrying for the same.

Worrying about things that have happened in the past and about things that we had done wrongly will not come back to our hands to give us another opportunity for doing them right.

Our anxieties and fears are useful for nothing. We must spend our time thinking about the good and pleasant things in our lives, and move on in a peaceful and contented state of mind.

It will never be late to stop worrying and start living happily.

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