The Real Story of D’Monte Colony

The Real Story of D’Monte Colony is as given below:
D’Monte was a Portugese Businessman, who had come to India in the  mid 1900’s and stayed at Pondicherry and then at Madras / Chennai. D’Monte had been one of the directors of ‘Arbuthnot Bank’, a leading Bank in Madras, which went down in the year 1906.
D’Monte  had acquired many landed properties in various places of Madras/Chennai.
D’Monte had been living with his wife in one of the houses in the D’Monte Colony, situated in TTK Nagar, Alwarpet, near St.Mary’s Road, Mylapore.

D’Monte’s personal life had been tragic, as his mentally ill and pregnant wife died before delivering a baby in the house of the colony.
D’Monte’s son, who had come from their motherland-Portugal, also died in a mysterious way in the same house of the colony.
Subsequently, D’Monte is said to have commited suicide in the same house.
D’Monte’s body has been burried near the church, ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church’ built by him in Covelong/Kovalam, near Chennai.
Our Lady of St Carmel Church at Kovalam
The Details of the Landed Properties of D’Monte, covered under D’Monte Trust created in the year 1820:-
D’Monte had  created a ‘Trust’ in his name-‘D’Monte Trust’ for his very huge landed properties of many acres of land, situated at various places of Madras / Chennai as as briefed below, including, the D’Monte Colony at RA Puram:
  • Adyar,
  • Alwarpet,
  • Covelong/Kovalam,
  • Egmore,
  • Poonamalle High Rod,
  • Raja Annamalaipuram,
  • Royapettah and
  • Santhome.
The Value of the Landed Properties of DMonte Trust would in several crores of Rupees.
The Market Value(Government Rate) of 2 of the Landed Properties covered under the ‘D’Monte Trust’ are given below:
1.The Market Value of the “D’Monte Colony” situated at  RA Puram, of 186 Grounds of land measuring 4, 46, 400 Sq.Ft./10.24 acres valued at Rs 8000/- per Sq.Ft is Rs  Rs 357.12 Crores
2. The Market Value of the “Ben’s Ground” situated near ‘Madras Boats Club’ of 257 Gronds of land measuring 6, 16, 800 Sq.Ft./14.15 acres, Valued at Rs 8000/- per Sq.Ft. is  Rs 493.11 Crores
For the details of the other landed properties covered under the ‘D’Monte Trust you may refer to the Trust Deeds of the DMonte Trust.
In the last will and testament of D’Monte, the Roman Catholic Arch-Diocese/Arch Bishop of Mylapore was appointed as the ‘Trustees’ for the huge properties of D’Monte.
D’Monte Colony near St.Mary’s Road, in Alwarpet has been deserted and abandoned since many years.

The evil spirit/ghost of the late owner of the colony is reported to be seen by the people living around the colony.

DMonte Colony under the Roman Catholic Arch Diocese of Madras-Mylapore
Strange happenings, such as the locked doors of some of the houses getting opened themselves and getting locked again are reported to be witnessed by some people.
An auto driver, who used to waiting near the colony died/committed suicide after witnessing some paranormal activity in the colony.
Paranormal Activities inside Houses of DMonte Colony

Watchmen were deployed to guard the abandoned colony, and 2 such watchmen died/committed suicide the very next day of their first night duty in the colony.

The D’Monte Colony is believed to be haunted by the evil spirit/ghost of the late owner of the colony, D’Monte.
The taxi drivers who used to stand in the corner of the road near the D’Monte colony who used to stand there even upto 10 pm, started to away after the sun set, in fear of the haunted D’Monte Cololny.
However, the ghost of the late D’Monte is said to be harmless.
The colony originally had about 20 independent similar houses, in two streets with two lanes on each road.
.More than 10 of the houses deserted by the inhabitants were in ruins and were already demolished.
Remaining Houses in D'Monte Colony
Only 10 houses have been remaining, those also in deserted and ruined conditions, till recent times, and they also have been completely demolished very recently in October 2015.
D'Monte Colony Before Complete Demolishion of All Houses
All the landed properties of the D’Monte have been properly leased out, except the ‘Ben’s Garden in the Madras Boats’ Club ares – of 12 acres and the ‘D’Monte Colony of 10 acres, which are said to have been leased out only recently.
‘Ben’s Garden’ and the ‘D’Monte Colony’ are said to have been given earlier  on leases for 99 years.
Ben's Garden Near Madras Boat Club

However, following court orders, subsequent to litigation, stating that the amounts of the leases were far below the real market value of the same in Chennai City, both the properties are said to be given for fresh lease by public bidding, only recently.

It is also reported that the ‘D’Monte Colony’ has been given to a fresh lease to some reputed company, and the details of the lease are not publicly known.
The last remaining 10  houses have been demolished in October 2015, probably by the new lessees of the landed property.
Now, as the D’Monte Colony is fully vacant, the haunting evil spirit/ghost would have to perform any para normal activity only in the vacant land of 10 acres.
The Lessees of the landed property might be afraid of the haunting of the place by the ghost of the late D’Monte to haunt the place, even if they build new building on it.
Only. as and if the Landed Properties of the D’Monte Trust, valued at several crores of Rupees, are leased out at the real/market value to sound/honest parties, the income from the same can be utilised for the benefit of the needy/poor in India, as wished by the late Portugese Land Lord D’Monte.

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