Some Useful Tips for Having a Long Life

A good appetite, good balanced diet, good digestion, free mind, cheerful moods, good friendships, company of pets, good family relations, enough physical exercises, good sleep, avoiding smoking and alcohol, keeping our body and mind busy with a positive attitude will help us to live longer. To have a long and peaceful life, We have to:-

  • Continue to Learn:-

Learning new things will keep our mind busy. Reading or watching media to know the latest news and happenings will keep our mind fresh and healthy.

  • Do some simple exercises daily:-

We have to do some simple physical exercises. Walking and Cycling are very good exercises.

  • Have proper Diet:-

We have to reduce intake of Sugar and Salt. We must control Obesity/Overweight.

  • Have a Pet:- Having a pet will add years to our life. Pets are unconditional friends giving a good company. However, do not allow your pet animal/s to sleep with you or in your bed, to avoid allergies.
  • Have a Positive Attitude:-

Our way of thinking will improve both our quality of life and the length of our life span. An optimistic attitude decreases the chances of future problems with our physical health, career achievements, and emotional stress. Depression will suppress the quality of our life and will shorten our life-span.

  • Quit Smoking:-

Smoking anything is bad for you. Your lungs are made for breathing air, not smoke. So don’t make its job harder by polluting it with tobacco or other substances. Keep your lungs clean as they are essential for your survival.

  • Avoid Alcoholic drinks:-

Though alcohol in moderation will be good for our health, we ust avoid taking alcoholic drinks, to avoid the risk of exceeding the limit and the adverse effects of excessive drinking.

  • Laugh:-

Laughing is the best way to live longer. Laughter will relieve stress and will increase our happiness and make our body and mind light. We must develop sense of humour. We must be able to laugh at our own shortcomings and mistakes; however, our sense of humour must not hurt the feelings of others. Our jokes must not be on handicaps of others.

  • Keep us always busy/occupied:-

We must be doing something. If we do not have anything to do we will become dull and lazy. We must find some useful hobby or some work to do which must be helpful to us, our family members and others.

  • Continue friendships and Communicate:-

We must have friends to talk to, share our thoughts and laugh with us. Having a good company will be relaxing and pleasing. Talking about our problems to our friends will help to reduce our stress. However, it is advisable to share preferably our joy and good things as far as possible rather than telling only about our problems always, which will repel our friends away from us.
We can give a patient hearing to our friends problems and views.

  • Develop a Regular Sleep Schedule:-

We must have a regular sleep schedule; going to sleep and waking up at regular time daily. We can a short sleep during daytime not more than an hour.

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