How to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is not a festival only for Christians.

Christmas will bring Peace and Joy to all the people of the world, without any bar under:-

  • country,
  • region,
  • religion,
  • caste,
  • creed,
  • gender,
  • poor,
  • rich.

In the Holy Bible it is said that angels proclaimed to the humble shepherds who were near the place in Bethlehem a very small village in Judea, where Jesus Christ was born in a cow’s shed, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

 The purpose of celebrating Christmas is to remind ourselves that all human beings are brothers and sisters and we must love one another without any discrimination.

It is not enough to wear new dress, jewels etc. and exchange cakes and sweets during Christmas.

We must try to change our attitude to others and “Love one another”. We must not think that we are superior to all others; we must try to treat all others equally.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Merry Christmas to all co-bloggers and our beloved readers. and all Internet users.

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Michael Stone
Michael Stone
8 years ago

Days before Christmas, individuals improve their homes and gardens with lights. Here is more about it Perfectly enlivened Christmas trees likewise enhance most houses and working environments.