Old Age – A Gift or a Curse

Old age is something that is faced by a large percentage of Indians, whether it is a boon or a curse.

As the average longevity is touching 82 years, persons turning 100 years has become very common today.

The fate of elders has become a point of contention, especially those in middle class homes.

With the steady decline in the number of joint families, the problem of old age has assumed even serious proportions.

The salaried middle class are assured of pension in their old age and those with property also manage the situation.

Those with no income or with children working away from home are are facing problems.

Old age homes are the best choice for this unfortunate people.

But old age homes also are charging high for their services, and also they do not take very old people into their care, for obvious reasons .

Every son or daughter must remember his or her duty towards elderly parents.

Voluntary organisations and doctors and the Officials must realize their responsibility towards keeping the senior citizens happy and in good health using the powers and the facilities at their command.

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