Stop Worrying and Start Living

Worrying will become a habit when we start worrying for everything in life. We can find that children, especially teenagers will be advised by the elders and the parents to worry about their future. If some guy is doing normally without showing any sign of worry about his studies/future, the elders used to say “ He is not at all worried about his studies or his future”. They may utter these words with a concern about the children. However, they forget or do not notice that they are sowing the seeds of worry in the young minds.

Also we can find that in some houses ladies will tell about their husbands that he is not at all worried about them or anything about the house or children. This is also sowing the seeds of worry in the minds of their husbands. They will have to face their husbands with full of worries at a later stage, especially after their retirement.

We must basically understand that “ By worrying we cannot change anything in this world; whether it is the present or the future.” By saying worrying is bad we should not misunderstand that we must be irresponsible or we need not take care of ourselves and our family members. We may be or rather we must be concerned about the welfare of our family members. We should not become “worry-addicts”, worrying for all routine matters.

When the wives tell their husbands that they do not have worry about their welfare, the husbands must tell them that it is true that they do not have worry, but they are very much concerned about their welfare.

If and when we are in the habit of worrying it is very difficult to change that habit. The habit of worry will lead us to anxiety and depression and many more complications.

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