Some Tips for Attending Personal Interviews for Jobs

“Personal Interview” is one of the most important, interesting and challenging aspects of ‘Job Search’. In a short time, say, about half an hour you will have to tell all about:-

  • Yourself
  • Your Key skills
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Weaknesses
  • Your Experiences
  • How you will be useful to the Organization

Apart from the job related questions, you will have to answer many general and personal questions about you. Your ability to answer these questions effectively, within the available short span of time will help the employer to assess your employability and suitability to the organization. So, you should be able to well utilize the available time to talk about your skills and strengths without confusing the interviewer with inappropriate responses. The best way to approach these questions is to prepare for them in advance so that you can answer confidently, without taking up too much time. Some of the general questions that you may face in an interview are listed below:-

Can you tell in brief about yourself ?:- You must be ready with informations on your:-

  • Education
  • Accomplishments
  • Job experience etcYou must tell about your background and how you have worked towards fulfilling your aspirations

What do you know about our organization?:-
Before going for the interview, you must try to know about:-

  • the organization
  • their products and services
  • important people in the organization

What are your key strengths?:- You must do some research about the profile you are being interviewed for. List the skills and key strengths required to perform the job efficiently and then identify how your strong points map to the required job skills. Talk about at least three points that you think are the most important.

What are your weaknesses?:– Do not talk about more than one or two weak points. Instead, talk about them in a manner that they look like positives.

Why do you want to leave your current organization?:- This is a delicate/tricky question and the answer will give your prospective employer a lot of information about your personality and attitude towards work. The employers generally ask this question to understand if you are a reliable person or a perpetual job-hopper. You must answer it by talking about the new challenges, learning and the opportunities that you see for yourself in the new organization. You must not talk negatives about your current organization. It will raise suspicion in the minds of the employers about your reliability.

You must prepare yourself thoroughly and you must attend the interview with a smiling face which will have a good impression on your personality and lead to success.

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