You can drink Carbonated Water or Soda in Moderation

Next to Air/Oxygen, water is the most important thing needed for your survival. Water is the only beverage you can drink without a limit. Water you drink is taken from fresh water lakes, streams and bore-wells in riverbeds and underground sources.

Water is bottled for drinking purposes, and bottled water is easy, convenient and safe, when you go out of your house, especially during travel in bus or train. Water is Micron filtered, Ozonated, and treated with Reverse Osmosis Process(RO treated) or Ultra Violet Ray Treatment(UV treated). Mineral water is purifed water with Calcium and natural minerals added in limited quantities.

There is no 100% Pure Drinking Water, as it will not be possible to prepare 100% pure water for drinking. Your stomach and digestive system will not be compatible to pure water. (H2O without any other salt or mineral). Water for Chemical use in factories and in Batteries is prepared by the Process of Distillation. Distilled Water is not for drinking and it must be treated as a chemical liquid. Drinking Distilled Water will upset your stomach.

Soda water is plain water into which high amount of Carbon dioxide gas is dissolved, which is also called Carbonated water. Soda is one of the main component of most of the soft drinks, such as colas and some juice drinks. To carbonate a soft drink, water is treated to standardize its appearance, taste, and aroma, and to remove certain minerals and impurities. This is important to ensure the finished soft drink is consistent in appearance and taste. The presence of carbon dioxide in the water makes the water, the soft drink or the juice, bubbly and gives it a tangy taste. Carbonated water is also called:-

  • Sparkling water
  • Soda water
  • Fizzy water

The nutrients contents in water and Carbonated Water is, mere Zero/Nil. There is no nutrient in water or carbonated water or Soda. Drinking water and carbonated water/Soda will increase the volume of urine output. In the process, substances which form kidney stones are diluted, reducing the risk of kidney stone formation/recurrence. For this reason, people with a history of kidney stones should drink at least two quarts of water per day.

In hot climates you must increase your water intake to reduce your risk of kidney stones. It is a fact that taking carbonated water/soda will increase the speed of absorption of alcohol. That is why people who drink alcoholic drink add soda to their hot drink. Carbonated water has been found to ease the symptoms of indigestion/dyspepsia and constipation.

However, Soda water or Carbonated soft drinks are not the medicines for Indigestion. As a first aid to your indigestion you can have soda water added with lime and salt. If indigestion continues, you have to take other treatments. Antacids given for the treatment of Indigestion should not be taken in excess, to avoid the damage to the stomach and possibility of getting ulcer or even stomach cancer. Avoid Self Medication and immediately consult a doctor, if your indigestion problem becomes acute.

High quality Soda water/Carbonated water, the content of Sodium will be high, which must be avoided. However, the Sodium-Rich Carbonated Mineral Water is found to reduce Cardiovascular Risk in Postmenopausal Women. Drinking Soda water in excess and for a prolonged period will reduce the Calcium content in your bones, and bones will become weak. By drinking more Milk this loss of Calcium can be adjusted.

You can drink Carbonated water. Soda water or Carbonated Soft drinks in moderation, to get the benefits and to avoid the adverse effects of excessive drinking of them.

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