Tourists to Goa advised to exercise caution

  • “A Travel Advisory” on the British Government’s ‘Foreign Common Wealth Office’ (FCO) has advised the British Nationals that they should be careful while visiting India and in particular:-
  • Goa,
  • Delhi,
  • Mumbai,
  • Kolkatta and
  • Chennai.

In the view of the British Government, the four Metopolitan-cities and Tourist- centers such as “Goa” will be the targets of the terrorists.The British Government has cautioned the British people visiting India to exercise caution in public places, Hotels, Bars and Restaurnts.Drinks are being spiked on travelers and robbery and sexual assault take place in Goa according to the British Advisory.Travellers are warned to avoid visiting the beaches in the dark where the risk of their being attacked by stray dogs, robbers and sexual attackers.According to the British Advisory 40 British Tourists had died as a result of such attacks and about 10 of such deaths had been due to Drug/Alcohol abuse.The Government of Goa is sensitive to adverse comments and advice from Britain and other European countries. Out of more than 4 Lakhs of tourists visiting Goa annually a large share is from the European countries. We can expect the Goa-Government to take appropriate security measures to remove the fear from the tourists to Goa.However, all tourists visiting Goa, including Indians must exercise caution while visiting Goa.

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