Details of the “Special Pongal Gift Package”-2013- to the Tamilnadu Ration Card Holders

In view of the Pongal Festival-2013, the Tamilnadu Government has inaugurated a Special Pongal Gift Package Scheme to  1.84 Crores  of  Lower Income Group-Ration Card Holders with Green Ration Cards, who are eligible for getting “RICE” with their ration cards.

The “Special-Pongal Gift  Package”is in addition to freee dhotis/sarees supplied every year to the above ration card holders.

The “Special- Pongal Gift Package”-2013 will consist the following items:

  • Rice-1 kg (costing Rs 20/-)
  • Sugar-1 kg (costing Rs 40/-) and
  • Cash- Rs 100/

The cost the “Special -Pongal Gift package-2013” is  around Rs 160/- and the  total cost of the scheme will be  Rs 294.4 Crores (around Rs 300 Crores).

According to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu,  Dr. Selvi. J.Jayalalithaa, though this Pongal Gift Package would not  redress the grievances of the Tamilnadu farmers, it would help  the farmers to celebrate the Pongal festival in the traditional way.

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